Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Monkey Is Back!

Comedy duo Johnny Vegas and his sidekick Monkey are the new faces of PG Tips.

The pair - who first appeared together in adverts for the now defunct ITV Digital - are reunited in the campaign which launched this week.
PG Tips said the woollen puppet's inclusion in the advert followed the success of its long-running chimps commercials.

In the new adverts, comedian Vegas plays the dim-witted Al alongside Monkey, who is voiced by comedian Ben Miller.
ITV Digital's popular Monkey campaign first hit screens in 2001 when the cuddly toy starred in a series of ads with Vegas.
The woolly mascot emerged as one of the pay-TV operator's most valuable assets after its collapse nearly five years ago.
A custody battle over Monkey then ensued between administrators Deloitte & Touche and London-based ad agency Mother which created him.
Monkey went on to feature in the BBC's Comic Relief charity campaign.

I love Monkey and it's a welcome return to our British screens, I know it's weird since he's "just" a puppet - but there's something funny about him and Al in the commercials. I'm glad PG Tips have revived the duo.

Now watch an interview with them and see the advert for yourself:

- Vegas and Monkey talk PG Tips

- watch the PG Tips advert
For all you international blog readers who have never even heard of Monkey, then watch the following video to see where it all began....................


  1. Aww Monkey is amazing, I think he's cute and have to agree he's funny. The advs are really funny especially the new one. Monkeys have always been my fave animal LOL when I was studying Primary school my mates would call me "changa" (monkey in Spanish :P)

  2. Hi "PETER PAN" LOL !!!
    its so nice to have Monkey back on our screens.i love a bit of the old MONKEY BUSINESS!!!

  3. Great comments guys!

    Certainly put a new meaning to the word "monkey"...........


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