Thursday, November 30, 2006

Media News

How much would you pay to show Big Brother?

A million maybe?

Well Channel 4 think it's worth alot more and will be paying the makers Endemol a whopping between 30m and 40m a year for the three future series. If ITV had entered into the bidding war - the price could have been up to 70 million pounds.

Sounds like alot but when you consider Channel 4 make about 50m each year from the show, it's a bargain!

Big Brother will be back next summer for a eighth series and auditions are expected online in the new year.
From one Channel 4 programme to another.................


Seems like Channel 4 like paying out, because Charlotte Church has been paid 1.2m for a second series of her Friday night chat show. It's so much, that Charlotte is taking a break from making music and has parted company with her record compant Sony/BMG to focus on TV and her new book. It has nothing to do with poor recent album sales of course!
Glad that Charlotte will be back on our screens in 2007.
From one musician to another.................


Girl's Aloud singer Sarah Harding, has said she wouldn't be doing any nude pictures EVER. She may be the new face of Scottish underwear Ultimo but she said:
"I would never do anything seedy like that. I am not a glamour model. I'm not a prude and don't mind stripping to a bikini but I wouldn't sit there legs akimbo full frontal. Not even for a million quid."

From one naked star - well actually, maybe not!

Emma Bunton - The Official Photos

The latest Emma Bunton pictures have hit the net and you can see them here:

Emma is mega busy with her daily "Strictly Come Dancing" training, then promotional work for the show. The new album "Life in Mono" is set for it's UK release on Monday and Emma will be out late Saturday night at London's G-A-Y nightclub. Emma is also rumoured to be writing a sitcom - she certainly is "Busy Spice"

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

James Blunt shocks Seaseme Street

No wonder the Muppet on Seaseme Street looks so shocked as James Blunt sang "You're Beautiful" on the children's TV programme, maybe Mr Blunt sang the following lines:
"Yeah, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
Fucking high,
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end.........."

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Geri Halliwell "OK" Photos

Geri Halliwell is back and looking as beautiful as ever, the latest issue of OK magazine has an exclusive photoshoot of Geri and baby daughter Bluebell. The December 5th issue is well worth buying as it is packed with lots of seaonal pictures of both mother and daughter relaxing.

More pictures can be seen here:

Emma Bunton - Life in Mono - Album on Ebay

I've been back on ebay again - at least it's selling this time!
The new Emma Bunton album "Life in Mono" is out on Monday and my challenge for the week is to see if I can actually sell the CD for as much as I paid for it. I've listed it at 99 pence as a starting price but will it get anywhere near 10 pounds - click the link below to follow the progress.

Lil' robbie - Had Enough of Him?!

Yesterday I overdosed on Lil' Chris and experimented with Windows Movie Maker for the first time ever to make my own crap little video - basically it's me singing to "Gettin Enough" with a clock as guitar.

The things I do on my day off.......................... it took me hours to convert and get it sorted!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Lil' Chris - Gettin' enough of him?

Love him or loathe him - you can't deny Lil'Chris has done well for himself. Now as a reader of robmacca, you most likely haven't heard of this 16 year old from Suffork. He became the star of Channel 4's "Rock School", which incidently played a gig at The Golden Cross this year.
Now Chris Hardman, known as Lil' Chris has had a Top 10 Download with "Checkin it Out", which also went to #3 in September.

Now the fiesty tearaway is back with a brand new infectious track called "Gettin' Enough". As much as I'd like to be able to dismiss the track, I find myself loving it more and more. The video just adds to it's appeal and it seems Lil' Chris will be around for a little while yet (well, just long enough for either alcohol or drugs to spoil it for him!)

Now you can watch the cheeky video here:

The official Lil' Chris Website features more pictures, media and erm stuff:

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Midland Air Museum Visit

My good Lithuanian friends Vilimas, Evaldas and Julius invited me along to the Midland Air Museum - and yet even though I have lived in Coventry all my life, I've never been to the museum!

What a great morning out, the museum was better than I imagined and the staff very helpful. We got to climb aboard a Coventry built plane and crammed inside the Vulcan bomber, having a really good lesson about the aircraft and bombs.

Hope you enjoy the pictures I took on my mobile phone!

More pictures :

Video of the Week - Snow Patrol "Set The Fire To The Third Bar"

Had to change the "Video of the Week" since the Shakira video ended up just becoming an advert for another website. So here is the amazing new song from Snow Patrol - "Set the fire to the third bar". They have teamed up with Martha Wainwright to produce this haughting track, which follows the massive global hit "Chasing Cars" very nicely.

For me, this is British music at it's best - it is real and not always upbeat. Just like life, it has down turns as well as uplifting times. Depressing might be a word used by some, but then winter tends to make us feel all "blue".

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Beatles Stamps

The Beatles are to be celebrated on Royal Mail stamps for the first time - more than 40 years after they took the music world by storm. It seems to follow a week of retro news as we reported Top of the Pops and Tiswas make a mini comeback.

A set of six will show some of the Fab Four's most famous album covers. The collection, which goes on sale on January 9th 2007, features Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Abbey Road, Revolver, Let It Be, Help and With The Beatles.

The "new" album is out now in the UK and looks set to make the Top 10, in what has been the biggest album chart battle of the year.

View the stamps here:

Friday, November 24, 2006

Tiswas Returns!

Just days after it was announced that Top of the Pops is coming back to our screens for a one off Christmas special, news has reached the net that "Tiswas" is making a comeback.

Thanks to Chris Tarrant (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire), who hosted the show from 1974 until he left in 1982 - ITV will show a 90 minute special of the erratic 1970s children's show with Chris back at the helm. He will be joined by former colleagues including Sally James, Lenny Henry, Bob Carolgees - and Spit the Dog.

There will be a series of new sketches in keeping with the Tiswas style as well as old footage, according to The Sun. Newsreader Trevor MacDonald is also apparently prepared to take part in a repeat of the time he was "gunged", while Status Quo, Madness and Sir Paul McCartney are rumoured to be taking guest slots.

Tarrant, who is helping to produce, has been watching his old tapes of the show. "I can't believe how young and beautiful we all looked," he commented. "It's amazing Tiswas was a kids' show - it certainly became a cult adults' show."

Thursday, November 23, 2006

New Westlife Line-Up Shocker!

New Westlife line-up shocks fans
Westlife have shocked millions of fans around the world today by announcing that Kian Egan (the cute one) had left the group because he was "sick and tired" of doing cover songs with Westlife.
The 34 million album group were left shell shocked at Kian's sudden departure, given it had only been a few years since Brian McFadden (the fat ugly one) had quit the group. The group are set to beat off (oh err!) Oasis for the #1 album spot as desperate housewives have been stocking up on the CD while shopping at TESCO.
Bosses at Sony/BMG had managed to keep the news from the media so that they could stock up on cream cakes and tempt ex-Westlife member, Brian McFadden back. Thankfully for the fans, Brian had got nothing to do with his life since leaving so jumped at the opportunity to sing more cover songs.
In a sly diversion attempt, Louis Walsh signed up Geri Halliwell to replace Kian. "It's time to add a bit of Spice to Westlife and Geri has got the X Factor". The new line up posed for the press and robmacca got this EXCLUSIVE picture for the blog.
We can also reveal that the new line up will be heading to a Butlin's holiday camp near you soon and will be singing cover songs featuring Black Lace, Milli Vanilli and Culture Club.
*This posting is just for fun!

Christmas Gift Ideas

If your stuck for some gift ideas, then here are a few little stocking fillers for you to laugh over:

This bad tempered sheep doesn't appear to be full of seasonal good cheer, but he is full of tasty jelly beans and costs just 2.50

Assorted Santa, Reindeer and Snowman characters that sit on top of a chunky ball-point pen, with extending lever-operated punching arms. Bizarre! (1.50)

Who says Grannies sit around playing bridge all day! The 2 speeding senior citizens race each other around the track, kept in hand (or not) by the remote controllers. Clip on barriers help prevent the old fogies from flying off, but nothing can save them if the cross over section is badly timed. Granny Racers, absurd but brilliant! (16.99)

One here for the hetro men and muff loving women among you -

A most unlikely use for iron filings, which are arranged using the magnetic wand to design different uh... well... we're sure you get the idea. Girls may like to test a new look and, perhaps, get feedback before doing anything with longer implications. The 'helpful' packaging offers suggestions including the Brazilian, the Valentine and the George Bush. (just 4.99)

Visit the store online to order yourself a catalogue or order gifts from the website:

Emma Bunton "Downtown" on ebay

I bought some copies of Emma's new CD single and popped them on ebay for 99p.
Even though I didn't need to buy any more copies, I couldn't resist getting more to help sales and for those people outside the UK - it's a chance to buy the single since it is not likely to be released worldwide.

EDIT: Two more of the 4 track CD's are on ebay until Sunday 3rd December:

4 track CD:;item%3d250055212086%26amp;ssPageName%3dADME:B:EF:UK:11

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Top of the Pops - RETURNS!

Top of the Pops is set to return to UK screens for it's annual Christmas day special, according to newspaper reports. After being condemned to BBC2, then axed in the summer, it has continued to have support from viewers. In it's final show, almost 5 million tuned in too say "goodbye" and TOTP continued being shown around the world in 112 countries.

TOTP used to be watched by up to 17 million people in the UK, but with the advent of music television and multi channel selections, it became the victim of its own success and was cast aside by the BBC. But the return on Christmas day could make a whole new chapter as we see more and more specials, which could eventually lead to a return.

This week's UK charts are the buzz word this week as Westlife and Oasis go head to head for the #1 album position and Take That and Emma Bunton battle for the UK singles chart.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Dirge of the Soul

The battle of the brain is hard to explain,
A war of extremes.
The conflicts inside that only you understand,
Go un-noticed by the world.
An emotional high, a depressing low,
Where do you hide from the world?

The world sucks your energy like a vampire on blood,
The people around drain your life force so effortlessly.
Your dreams get shattered and replaced by nightmares,
Who would be bothered and who really cares?
You hang on for dear life in a storm,
But in the end you drown.

Drowning in a pool of depression, a sea of despair,
No hope for the future or rescue from reality.
The sun will not shine on your darkest day,
Rain and wind will lead you to the grave.
Your outlook is bleak, the curtain falls,
The show is over for all the fools.

A Dirge of the Soul
by robmacca.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Celebrity Gossip

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown is rumoured to be planning to marry boyfriend Eddie Murphy within the next month. According to the People newspaper, the couple, who have been dating for six months, are reportedly planning a pre-Christmas white and gold themed ceremony. But Mel's family might not attend - the newspaper is reporting that she has fallen out with her parents because they're worried she's marrying Eddie too soon into the relationship.

Robbie Williams has been dating an American model for a month, according to a report in the People.The singer - who has not had a long-term partner for three years - is said to have been seeing Lisa D'Amato since he met her at a party in Hollywood last month.

There seems to be no stopping Take That as their new single "Patience" went straight into the UK Charts at #6 this week - on downloads alone. The single is out in the shops now and is hotly tipped to become the #1 single on Sunday, ahead of Emma Bunton.

Meanwhile at the other end of the UK album chart this week were All Saints, with their new album "Studio 1". It only just made #40 after being outside the chart for most of the week. But it wasn't all bad news for All Saints - they managed to get the #1 Download for "Rock Steady", which was robmacca's "Video of the Week".

Local Gossip:

* Boy George is coming to Coventry, he will take to the decks at the Glasshouse, in Bull Yard, city centre, on Saturday 20th January 2007.

* Ms Dynamite, who was invoved in a high-speed collision at Silverstone racetrack spent time at Coventry's University Hospital, according to reports in the Coventry Observer. It took just 12 minutes to fly her to Coventry in the air ambulance!

* He might be 61 years old, but Rod Stewart is coming to Coventry's Ricoh Arena on Tuesday 10th July 2007, it will have been 40 years since he last performed in the city. This time he will be performing in front of 30,000 fans as part of his UK tour.

* Jordan, Peter Andre, Nylon, Steve Brookstein and Chico were among the performers at the Coventry Christmas lights swtich on, watched my crowds from all over Warwickshire last night. Joining them were Wallace and Gromit as well, along with various stages providing entertainment throughout the city centre.

robmacca Gossip:

*robmacca is expected to be busy for the next few days as he hosts people from Germany as part of the Hospitalityclub.

*New front door will be fitted Thursday to improve security.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Video of the Week - Emma Bunton "Maybe"

The best Emma Bunton video EVER, has to be the excellent "Maybe" single which earnt her a #6 position in the UK charts but won her #1 in the hearts of fans worldwide. It's an excellent collection of moves and grooves as Emma struts her stuff in pre-Strictly Come Dancing fashion.

Emma's new single "Downtown" went straight into the UK charts at #24 today , on downloads alone. So expect it to rise into the Top 5 next Sunday, meanwhile enjoy this blast from the past..............

Take That

Take That are back, and set to take the UK charts by storm with the new single "Patience" (out Monday) and then with the new album"Beautiful World" out 27th November. The lads look really good still, as the pictures from their official website show. Ten years later and they look and sound so much more mature. I'm pleased this is one comeback that is working..................
Check them out at:

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Emma Bunton - Downtown Single

Something to cheer up my weekend - Emma Bunton's "Downtown" singles arrived today in the post. Not bad since you can't get it in the shops until Monday so a little bonus for buying them online from a certain website. Take That's "Patience" also arrived and now the question is - Who will get the number one spot next Sunday?

I'm heading out of Coventry this weekend to visit an ex girlfriend of mine to catch up on gossip and have a change of scenery - hopefully that will cheer me up!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Attempted Break In

It's all a bit strange, but I had to report some criminal damage to the police today - after it appears someone either tried to break in or smashed the glass in my front door on purpose.
What is really weird is the attack happened in broad daylight sometime between 10:45 and Midday.

There was no object left behind following the breaking of the glass and it's just totally baffled me as to why someone would do such a thing. I'd got home from work at 10:45 and normally would be in the living room unwinding, but today I was really tired so went to my bedroom instead. Then my house mate arrived home at midday and told me the news. He asked me if I had pissed anyone off - but I can't think of anyone.

I wonder if it is connected to the dog poo that seems to be making it's way on the path outside my house (normally no dog poo EVER, now about 4 different poop's in a matter of weeks - have I got a Phantom Pooh Person as well or am I just over excited?)

Anyway, I logged the damaged window with the police and now got to wait to get the window replaced - might take til Tuesday! It's another expense I could have done without................


After losing out on sleep Friday sorting the window out, then sorting it out Saturday after work as well. I decided to buy a whole new front door, with glass at the top and with extra security - which is going to cost a small fortune but made more sense than just repairing glass and still being at risk.

The surprise in all of this has been how someone would try and break in so openly. It was broad daylight and in full public view and there really isn't anything in my house worth stealing - unless they like Girls Aloud or the Spice Girls!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Emma Bunton - Convent Garden Christmas Lights

Singer Emma Bunton switched on the Covent Garden Christmas Lights in London and treated the crowd to an old Spice Girls Christmas #1, "2 Become 1". Then sang two songs from her forthcoming album "Life in Mono" - "All I Need To Know" (set for release February 2007) and "Downtown" (out on Monday).

You can't help but think Emma looks like she has just opened up her Christmas presents and found a scooter inside, bless!

Credit: Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

For more Emma Bunton Pictures:

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Geri Halliwell Update

Finally I have a little update on Geri, I can report that this week Geri is in Africa as part of her United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Goodwill Ambassador work.
Geri Halliwell is in Zambia to learn and acquaint herself with issues relating to maternal health.The singer who made her mark as on of the Spice Girls, said upon her arrival, that there was need to remind governments to prevent maternal deaths.

She said it was sad that about 500,000 mothers die from maternal related diseases every year when these could be prevented.
Ms. Halliwell said keeping mothers healthy would entail having healthy children and a health nation in future.

She is scheduled to visit a number of health institutions in Lusaka, hold talks with selected cabinet ministers, mothers before leaving for Solwezi, Wednesday to visit more UNFPA projects.

Story Credit:
Picture Credit:

Monday, November 13, 2006

Melanie B and Melanie C Update

Eddie Murphy has picked out his wedding invitations for his impending nuptials to Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) .

The comic actor sent his assistant to collect the first sample invite from bespoke embroidery shop, EmbroidMe, in Davie, Florida.

A source is quoted as saying: "It was a made of satin cloth with the letter M embroidered in the middle in golf metallic thread.
"The girl said she had to send it to Eddie for approval, and if he liked it, she'd order 250 more."

The happy couple are rumoured to be tying the knot later this month, and the former Spice Girl - real name Melanie Brown - is also said to be five months pregnant.

Melanie C's new LIVE HITS DVD entered at #10 last week on the UK Music DVD Chart. The DVD is set to be released worldwide, especially in Europe where Melanie has had quite abit of success with her "Beautiful Intensions" Album. Following a busy few weeks promotion work in the UK, Melanie is heading off to Albufeira, Algarve for a special New Year performance in Portugal.

Picture Credit:

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Video of the Week - All Saints "Rock Steady"

They are back after a few years away, but looking as sexy as ever - All Saints landed straight in the UK singles Chart this week at #3 with the sassy number "Rock Steady".

All Saints were the anti-Spice Girls of the day but sadly in house fighting meant they soon split up and had limited solo success. The video is totally stunning and a great visual treat, I love the black and white effect. It's a good return for All Saints.

Simon Webbe News

Yes the talented Simon Webbe (the ex-Blue singer) is back with a new set of pictures, a new single and new album. You can see more from his Italian photoshoot on his website, hear his single "Coming Around Again" (currently #25 today) and the album "Grace" hits the shops Monday 13th November.
If it's anything like his previous album, then it's worth buying!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Emma Bunton Update

Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) has been the busiest of all the Spice Girls this month as she continues her dancing success on the BBC's "Strictly Come Dancing" on Saturday nights and practices during the week. Not only that, Emma has to fit in promotional work for her charity Children in Need record "Downtown". The record hits the shops on Monday 17th November (downloads available from Monday 13th November) and you can watch the video or listen to it on Emma's new website

Funny Emma story of the week has got to be where Emma's official MySpace was taken down , apparently by a fake Emma Bunton in America - she was pretending to be Emma! So the real Emma Bunton and 19management had to sort it out with MySpace.

Finally, Emma has a busy time ahead as you can see by these dates:

11th Nov --- Strictly Come Dancing

13th Nov --- BBC 2 It Takes Two - perf

15th Nov --- National Lottery - BBC1

16th Nov --- Covent Garden - Christmas Lights

17th Nov --- BBC Breakfast News

17th Nov --- Newsround

17th Nov --- Children In Need Show - performance

21st Nov --- BBC2 It Takes Two

The album is due out early December and to celebrate Emma will be at G-A-Y on Dec 2nd performing new tracks from the album. Not a dull moment in the life of the Bunton!

Victoria Beckham Update

Victoria Beckham continues to attract attention with her fashion choices. As seen above some are good and some are questionable but overall the public like to see what Posh Spice is wearing. She sells plenty of magazines and newspapers thanks to her style.
Oxfam reported a massive surge in sales and donations following Victoria's Oxfam Charity Shop visit recently in London. Victoria's website dvb is up and running ( ) and you can catch Victoria doing a karaoke version of the Spice Girls classic "Wannabe" as well as fashion snaps like the Georgio Armani Prive outfit seen above.

Good news following the 3,000 crowd turnout to the book launch earlier this month, the Sunday times will reveal tomorrow that the hardback edition of "That Extra half an Inch" has entered the non-fiction chart at #2 , just behind the annual best seller Guniness Book of Records.

Forum fans of Victoria Beckham will be happy to know that the forum is back up and running:

Friday, November 10, 2006

Are You Happy With Your Life?

robmacca's wedding pictures
robmacca's wedding pictures
robmacca's wedding pictures
robmacca's wedding pictures

"Are you happy with your life" - that was the question I was asked earlier this week by a Jehovah's Witness I know. I replied "Yes" but it did get me thinking quite alot.

The pictures above are from 9years, 6 months ago to the day that I got married - and it was the best years of my life. Being married to someone so perfect and wonderful will always remain as the best time in my life. Since the divorce, we're not allowed to talk because of the religion but it still came as a shock to find out she had moved to France and is now remarried.

Part of me is really happy for her, because I truly wanted her to find happiness because she deserved it. In my life, I have chosen the path I wanted and it's a life I am happy with cos I'm being true to myself - and that's the important thing.

Yet there is a sad element to this tale - the truth is I will end up on my own, no matter what you might think.
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