Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Year in Blog Land - Review of 2006


We predicted that the Arctic Monkeys would be big in 2006, and by golly they were - their album broke records as the fastest selling album and went on to sell over 1m in the UK alone.

Son of Dork didn't quite do so well, in fact their album was less than 3 quid in the bargain bins today!

Brokeback Mountain was all the rage at the box office and the award ceremonies soon followed with gong after gone for this moving film. We even featured a picture of Heath Ledger naked.

Video Blogging was another prediction for 2006 - who would have thought YouTube would be sold for over $1b. Now everyone uses videos on their blog or MySpace.


The controversial Islamic cartoons caused worldwide storm but raised the question about censorship. The Brits, NME, BAFTA's and Grammy's kept the blog busy with a celebration of British music and movies. Meanwhile news that Kym Marsh (ex- Hear'Say) and Anthony Costa (ex- Blue) were hopefuls for the UK entry in Eurovision was closely followed by Las Ketchup announcing they were entering for Spain................. none of them had need bother - neither Kym nor Anthony made it as the UK entry and Las Ketchup faired badly in the contest.

Ashley Cole kept the tabloids busy with allegations of drunken phone sex and two footballers performing oral sex on each other. The blog also had a sexy picture of singer Simon Webbe - topless!


You could find out "31 Things About robmacca" this month and you were invited to "Spank The Monkey" at the same time. Eurovision got hot with some saucy pictures and video's of certain contestants doing the rounds!

The Commonwealth Games went to Australia and some interesting pictures followed, then Australia came here as one of my forum friends came to visit me in a mad 24 hour meet up.

Melanie C scored a #1 in Spain for 4weeks with "First Day of my Life", Melanie Brown dyed her hair red and Posh Spice looked darn sexy in black.

One unusual topic covered in March was the "Non- Uniform Day" that had thousands out in the streets................. erm naked!


Girls Aloud turned up looking stunning at the "Alien Autopsy" premier in London, robmacca spent nights out with strangers and friends and footballer Ronaldo looked hot in or out of clothes as the pictures showed!

Talking of showing a bit of flesh - we showed a picture of Prince William showing more than we are used to seeing - but was it fake? Maybe you'd like to confess all to God in an interactive blog topic which allowed you to type and talk to God!


It was music galore as Take That performed a stunning concert return, Girls Aloud amazed crowds in their nationwide tour and Eurovision Song Contest fever took over the blog.

Robmacca posted a drunken video - singing along to ABBA and Geri Halliwell posed in Hello magazine with baby Bluebell Madonna.

Finally, it was time to get into the mood ahead of the World Cup, by posting a selection of sexy footballers pictures - just for the fun of it!


'Definitely Maybe' by Oasis top the NME "Best Album of All Time Poll", 5 Celebs get pictured showing their knickers and the Ordinary Boys become popular. The video for "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira gets featured on the blog, then went on to spend 4 weeks at #1 in the UK charts. It was also announced that Top of the Pops would be axed after 42 years on the BBC.

Football fever took over the world as the World Cup arrived, along with about a million pop songs to milk that fact. Robmacca turned his hand to poetry when he wrote about being Prince Harry for the day, then seemed to turn into a James Blunt lookalike.

The end of June meant two weeks holiday in Cyprus - so to celebrate, new clothes were bought and a batch of pictures of guys in pants were published on the blog!


The British summer meant July became "Topless Month" on the Blog and on the streets. Robmacca got naked in Cyprus and just about everyone else got topless as the summer sun made us all hot and horny. The World Cup concluded with a controversial final between France and Italy. To celebrate Italy's win, some semi naked pictures of Fabio Cannavaro made it during July's blogging.

Love was in the air as Melanie Brown and Eddie Murphy started dating, it was announced love would be in your hand as Britain was to stage it's first "Wank-a-thon" and talk of a Spice Girls reunion surfaced once again to celebrate 10 years since they first exploded into the pop world.


The nakedness continued even if the weather wasn't as good - robmacca posted some "bath time" pictures that whipped up a storm with Blog viewers. We had the Lynx man getting naked on our TV screens and 154 people sat around wanking in front of each other during the "Wank-a-thon" event in London.

Sex must have been in the water as a survey shockingly revealed that Britain's teens were not using condoms during sex and another finding showed that 30% of teenagers lost their virginity before the age of 16.
In the music world - Madonna celebrated her 48th, The Brits are going live in 2007 and Boy George was reduced to cleaning the streets!


Summer ended with a colourful collection of pictures from the garden. There were also pictures of friends past and present during a visit to London. New friends were made thanks to the Hospitality Club. Bjork announces she will reunite with the Sugarcubes for a one off event, Corinne Bailey Rae wins some MOBO Awards and Arctic Monkeys - "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" wins the Mercury Award. We didn't even mention the robmacca "bedroom pictures" (at least this time the clothes stayed on!) ....................


It was a Spicy month as Melanie B became pregnant with Eddie Murphy's baby and was spotted in London with a mystery man. Emma Bunton became the face of Children in Need and Strictly Come Dancing, and was also rumoured to be marrying long term boyfriend Jade Jones.

Victoria Beckham was constantly in the media spotlight as she teamed up with Katie Holmes for the Paris Fashion Week, later that month 3,000 turned up to her book launch at Selfridges in London. Posh and Becks topped the "Chav Rich List" published in the Daily Mail.

Prince Harry was reported to have got his privates out on parade, the Spice Girls reunion looked unlikely and we asked if the MySpace bubble was about to burst. October's blog also featured lads in pants and David Beckham semi naked.


Was the comeback month - with Take That launching their album at the end of the month, Simon Webbe was back with a new album (another good excuse to show pictures of him topless!) and Top of the Pops makes a return for Christmas.

Christmas looming and Royal Mail stir up a fuss with their "non religious" stamps, Girls Aloud switched on the Christmas lights at Harrods, Emma Bunton did the Convent Garden Christmas Lights and we posted some Christmas gift idea's - including sheep that poo chocolate!

Spice news came in the form of Melanie B choosing wedding invites, Melanie C releasing a LIVE HITS DVD with a signing and singing at HMV Oxford Street, Emma released the single "Downtown". Victoria went shopping at Oxfam while her book went straight in at #2 in the non-fiction section. Geri was promoting safe sex in Zambia as part of her UN Goodwill Ambassador work as well as being on the cover of OK magazine with her baby.

It wouldn't be right to pass the month without some pictures of underwear and both Sarah Harding and robmacca were featured. It was Sarah though that got all the attention from visitors to the blog!


December was all about Melanie Brown and Eddie Murphy as news broke that they'd split in sensational style. As each day unfolded, the blog brought the latest twists and turns. Hundreds came to read the news as it became global. There were more rumours of a Spice Girls reunion and Emma Bunton released her album "Life in Mono" but it only charted at #65, selling 12,000 copies.

We remembered the Cheeky Girls and welcomed Take That back to the top of the album and singles chart. There was the quiet launch of "robmaccaEXTRA" that provided more pictures than the normal blog. The year wouldn't be complete without more Sarah Harding underwear pictures and finally the year was completed by Jesse Melcalf.

Hope you all enjoyed the Blog in 2006 and I look forward to 2007 - bringing even more randomness and extras. Have a great New Year!

Christmas - Highs and Lows

Last year I did a blog topic with this same title ( ) ,so I thought it would be a good idea to review the Christmas period once again.

Highs: It was a busy social time catching up with friends throughout the month, some I hadn't seen for almost 10 years. An active social circle helps balance my "net" world, as real friends prove in so many ways just why they are my friends. It was also good to see one of my brothers in a more sober environment. As I said last year, I don't celebrate Christmas as such - yet I seem to be getting good at compromising!
It was a little treat to spend Christmas Day with Malcolm, Lorraine and Josh once again - it's become a mini tradition. Malcolm surprised us all as Lorraine and he pulled a cracker. Inside was an engagement ring, and after 12 years they are finally looking set to get married.

Here is the the only picture caught on camera as Malc got on bended knee to propose to Lorraine. I remember the days when they Malc lived at my house and they started going out, but that's a different story.............
Even though I don't send cards etc, it's still nice to get cards in the post, and friends and lovers from days gone by sent lovely messages/texts - which is a constant reminder that even if you can't see your friends, they still see you in their minds and hearts.

Lows, sadly also follow closely by as December was hard at the start as I had two weeks off work with depression (due to a whole string of events in November) and I had to battle against negative thoughts and feelings. Once again friends helped in many little ways, as did going to a counsellor!

Going out socially in Coventry can be an eye opener sometimes, as I found out during the festive period. When I was out with some former work colleagues at a crowded pub, the lads there were so rowdy and I was also scared to look anyone in the eye in case they hit me! As the night progressed it got rougher and several scuffles broke out and many drinks were spilt.

Talking of pubs and fights - I felt really ashamed of my city/country on Christmas Eve as I'd invited my 3 Lithuanian student friends (see September's Blog) out for the night. This was their first Christmas here and they were all away from family and friends , yet we were having a good night out. That was until some idiot bloke shattered any good image Coventry may have had. This drunken fool hit my friend - breaking his teeth, making his eye bleed and almost damaging his glasses and camera. For what reason? None other than my friend was innocently taking pictures of the pub and the people. It makes me sad that people feel the need for aggression once they have had a drink......................

While the season is a great time for caring and sharing, it can also be a time of thoughtless acts. The picture above was taken by me today while out on my post round, it shows how someone has broken all the glass panels in the telephone box.

So for 2007, may we be realists that see both sides to a story, yet are able to stay focused on the good. Even though we may stumble and fall at times - remember those friends around you that pick you up when your at your weakest. They may also need you to support them when they face hard times. Friendship can be in the form of a text or a call, a card or a cuddle but being a friend to others is what makes the world a better place..........................

Saturday, December 23, 2006


  • Simon Cowell wants Emma Bunton to be part of the next series of "X Factor" according to the Daily Star in a shake up for next years reality programme.
  • Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud is strongly tipped to be one of the housemates in "Celebrity Big Brother" when it returns to our screens on January 3rd.
  • Geri Halliwell wants to open up a horse riding school for lonely mothers who want to keep fit while having their children looked after. (just don't tell Geri's nanny!)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Spice Girls Support Mel B

The Spice Girls have been showing support for troubled Melanie Brown as she comes to term with bringing her child into the world - outside of a relationship with Eddie Murphy. It had been reported that Victoria Beckham had been on the phone to the other Spice Girls in a bid to give some much needed support to former band mate Mel B.

According to the Daily Express, a friend of Geri's quoted as saying: "The fact that Geri was in a similar position to Mel, with an acrimonious relationship with the father of her child, is an instant bond."
"Geri feels she understands what Mel is going through. Mel has told Geri she felt scared and humiliated."

Despite being band mates for several years, the two didn't always get along but now they've decided to put their differences behind them.
The source added: "Geri believes this is the time to be kind and supportive not to remember past conflicts."

Melanie is wasting no time in sorting out the future for her unborn child - she is reported to have hired $500 an hour for the US top lawyer Don Engel. Melanie is determined to prove the baby is Eddie's after he sensationally dumped her and made a shock TV interview announcement concerning the birth of the child.

A friend of Melanie told The Mirror: "Mel is refusing to lie down and let Eddie walk all over her – and this is reflected in her choice of lawyer"

It is believed that Mel may be able to rinse Eddie for as much as $15million in lifelong payments for their child. It looks like Melanie Brown will need the support of her former band mates as things could turn scary in the courtroom.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Video of the Week - "Before I Fall To Pieces" - Razorlight

Razorlight featured recently on robmaccaEXTRA and have been riding high in the charts this year. Now it's time for "Before I Fall To Pieces" to become the Video of the Week. It's not only a catchy song, the video is pretty cool as well.
See if you can spot the famous actor in the video, I'll be watching it for the topless action of course!

Before I Fall To Pieces is out now on 7", CD and for the first time ever on DVD single featuring the videos for ‘Before I Fall To Pieces’ and ‘In The Morning’, as well as a link to exclusive Razorlight material including a computer game

Cheeky Girls Video Tribute

Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia has hit the headlines this past week for all the wrong reasons as it was revealed she has started a relationship with the flamboyant politician Lembit Opik. The Liberal Democrat MP recently ended his engagement to Sian Lloyd, the TV weather presenter. This is what has caused a cheeky stir in the media.

Here at robmacca we love drama and this mismatched relationship will surely end in tears, so why not get your tissues ready now as we pay a special tribute to the Cheeky Girls with a selection of video's to have you wiping those tears away................

1. See the Cheeky Girls twins interviewed by those cheeky ginger Irish boys Podge and Rodge:

2. It wouldn't be Christmas unless you have a "Cheeky Christmas":

3. The Cheeky Girls add some Cheeky Boys to the next song "Girls and Boys (Christmas Time Love)" and a video you'll probably never have seen before!

4. We move from forgettable to regrettable. This video launched the Cheeky Girls at #2 on the UK charts in December 2002 with "Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)". If you had been out clubbing you may have seen robmacca dancing to this song - and yes, he even did the dance!

5. This is where it all began on "Popstars: The Rivals" auditions programme. See the Cheeky Girls perform before the judges and meet their mother!

You'll be pleased (or sad) to know the Cheeky Girls came to an abrupt end when the record label they were signed to went bankrupt and they disappeared from the public eye, until this week of course...................

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Emma Bunton -Glamour Magazine

*Pictures from Glamour Magazine - on sale now, story written by robmacca.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Take That World Tour

Record breaking Take That are set to continue their stunning comeback well into 2007, according to The Sun. The lads scored a fourth week at #1 in the UK singles chart with "Patience" and sold a staggering 229,001 albums last week to maintain the #1 album position for a third week.
Gary Barlow has said: "We are just discussing dates at the moment but we want to do a big tour of Europe and all the places where we were big first time around. I just love being on tour - I love being on the road and performing, it doesn't feel like work to me. We've been having such a good time this year performing and promoting the album that we all feel we'd like to do another tour."
The next single "Shine" is set for release February 12th 2007.

Sarah Harding Ultimo Photos

You may have seen the Sarah Harding Ultimo launch pictures a short while ago at

But now get ready for the best pictures EVER - Sarah Harding like you've never seen her before! Click the link below for even more pictures.

See 13 stunning pictures at:

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Log Off

*Thanks to Raluca from DenDen
I'm off to London today so it means I'll have to actually log off for at least 36 hours!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Sarah Harding NOT Pregnant

We can confirm Sarah Harding is NOT pregnant, despite increased searches on the internet trying to prove otherwise!
Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding has been riding high in the charts with their Greatest Hits album , but she's been more than careful in the bedroom with Daily Star music writer boyfriend Joe Mott.
There has been growing speculation behind the scenes that Sarah could become the first member of Girls Aloud to become pregnant, leading to an increased internet search trying to find out the answer. Sarah is unlikely to start a family yet as she has become the new face for underwear firm Ultimo (pictures on robmaccaEXTRA).
It's been a busy 4 years since Sarah Harding joined the group Girls Aloud, going on to have 13 Top 10 hits and 4 Top 20 albums as well as two nationwide tours and numerous other projects. Sarah is often in the media for all the wrong reasons, often seen out partying and getting drunk.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Victoria Beckham - Random Picture!

I'd never seen this random picture of Victoria Beckham before, until a google search had me stumbling upon and then before I knew it, I was looking through random pictures. Stunning outfit and looking as sexy as ever.
Well, it's a busy time of year as the post gets really busy so I've less time to surf the net and catch up on gossip - but I'll try and keep you all updated over the final days of 2006.
Oh dentists for me tomorrow - joy!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mel B: "I wasn't famous enough"

Mel B in London last week.

According to Closer magazine, Melanie Brown is said to have confided in friends saying that she wasn't a big enough star for Eddie Murphy - and that's why he dumped her. A pal is quoted as saying:

"Mel feels she's been given the push because she isn't A-list enough for Eddie in Hollywood.She may have been a big star in Britain, but in the States she's an unknown.

Mel knows that Eddie is desperate to make a movie comeback in Hollywood. She believes she has been sacrificed for the sake of his career."

The source went on to say: "She's totally devastated by all of this. Her world has been torn apart."

Eddie's sources are quoted as saying: "Eddie started dating Mel about two months after he divorced and he regarded it as a rebound fling. He thinks she took the relationship more seriously than he did and was stunned when she told pals they were planning on getting married."

The source concluded: "Eddie's family were wary of Mel because things had moved so fast. When she announced she was pregnant, they liked her even less."

So from weekend stories of Melanie apparently "cheating" we now see this story that claims Melanie "wasn't A-list" enough. get ready for the next chapter...............

Monday, December 11, 2006

Beauty Is Skin Deep

Beauty is only skin deep
How deep do you look?
Beauty lasts but a short time
How long will you stare?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
How much do you see?
Beauty involves more than mere sex
How special will you make it?
Beauty is seen in the right light
How soft is your glow?
Beauty is all around you
How open are your eyes?
You are beautiful and special to see
How much are you willing to give?

-A poem written by robmacca.
See more art work here:

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Was Melanie Brown Cheating?

Mel and another mystery man

A while back robmacca reported how Melanie Brown (Mel B) was spotted arm in arm during a weekend out in London. Now the News of the World is reporting that Melanie was dumped by Eddie Murphy because he found out she went on a "date" while in LA last month.

Apparently, Eddie hired a team of detectives to tag Melanie. They then handed him a dossier showing Mel had been on secret date. Melanie hit back by saying:

"It just goes to show how desperate Eddie has got. I may have met another man for entirely innocent purposes, but I was always faithful to Eddie. He is the father of my baby and he knows it".

How true any of this story is, remains an unsolved case that even Sherlock Holmes might have trouble solving!

Victoria Beckham is Black!

Victoria Beckham seems to look stunning no matter what time of day it is - this picture was captured by the Metro newspaper, just as Victoria jetted off to America's Los Angeles to spend a few days with Tom and Katie - apparently!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Emma Bunton - A week in Mono

It's been such a week of news for anyone who likes any of the Spice Girls. As robmacca has been reporting on Melanie Brown's very public split from Eddie Murphy all week, then we had the Spice Girl reunion stories last weekend. Melanie C was on "An Audience With Take That" and Victoria is never far from the media lens.

Behind the scenes "Baby Spice" Emma Bunton has been hard at work. She's been training for about 6 hours a day for "Strictly Come Dancing", then tonight will appear before 10 million people as she battles to stay in the show with dance partner Darren. Last weekend Emma returned to G-A-Y at London's Astoria for a special live show to launch the new album "Life in Mono". Packed crowds watched as Emma performed "Something Tells Me", "Maybe", "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps", "Take Me To Another Town" and "Downtown" with some sexy dance routines.

Watch some of the performance here:

This week Emma went on breakfast's GMTV and dressed in a sexy yellow outfit, performed "Something Tells Me" with a very festive feel to it. You can check out the performance here:

Then she's been busy giving interviews and appearing on various other TV programmes to promote her new album "Life in Mono" and Strictly Come Dancing. The album is set for a bumpy ride as early predictions indicated it had only sold a few thousand copies at the start of the week. This prompted singer Jamelia to take a swipe at Emma, saying her career had gone "Downtown". Emma responded on MTV saying:

"In this business we should be supporting each other because we know how hard it can be. We're all writing, we're all recording. Her comments aren't very 'Girl Power'."

Newspaper reports have been bursting with stories about how Emma could adopt if she can't have children naturally. As well as reviews on the new album and news about Emma crying behind the scenes because of Strictly Come Dancing.

So while Melanie Brown may have dominated the headlines worldwide, Emma Bunton has been working hard back home in the UK. Let's just hope the album sells well and Emma survives another week on Strictly Come Dancing.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Scary Bites Back

Scary Spice, Melanie Brown is back and ready to strike out after Eddie Murphy very publically showed they had split, then denied he could be the father on dutch TV, as this blog has been reporting all week.

It's not only the press who have been in a frenzy about the story, but Mel B is said to be "furious" at the way Eddie made it public. The drama unfolded yesterday as photographers started a fight as Melanie was leaving a Beverly Hills restaurant. The paparazzi scrap was caught on video by and can be seen here:

(or visit: )

Meanwhile the newspapers are full of stories that Melanie is prepared to bite back and is set to "take Eddie to the cleaners".

The Sun says that Melanie: "spent yesterday in Los Angeles locked in meetings with top Hollywood lawyers to decide who is best to represent her." She is reported to have told a friend:

"He's going to get a shock if he thinks I'm taking this kind of treatment lying down.
He's a cheating, lying scumbag - he's the father of my baby and he knows it."

The Mirror took a different angle with the headline "I'm Beyond Gutted" and a story that supposes Mel only found out when friends text her phone as she flew back to the US this week after a wedding in the UK at the weekend. A friend is quoted as saying:

"Mel's beyond gutted. She was set to marry this guy and now he's knocked the wind out of her."

On the net MSN News it is reported that Melanie's publicist, Nadine Bibi gave a statement on her behalf saying:

"There is absolutely no question that Eddie is the father."

The drama continues to unfold with new twists each day, we'll keep you up to date as news arrives.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Melanie/Eddie Story Continues.....

The worlds press have been reporting the break up of Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) and Eddie Murphy with quite dramatic headlines. But now the dust has begun to settle, will we be any nearer the facts?

First, we have Murphy's team denying he'd even said anything about DNA tests to prove who the father would be - but being proved liars as the video makes its way around the internet.

Second, it's been rumoured Melanie fell out with Eddie's live-in mother and his staff finding Melanie "rude and abrasive".

Finally, there is the whole dramatic headlines about Melanie not finding out she'd been dumped until Eddie and Tracey were pictured at this weeks premier.

All the headlines seem to be more speculation rather than fact, but now we find two camps. One camp exposing Murphy as the bad father who dumps the woman he was going to marry. The other, has Melanie Brown as the gold digger who got up the duff to force Eddie to marry her.

10,000 Visit "robmacca"

Today "robmacca" celebrated having over 10,000 visitors to the blog since it started last February. The blog has also had over 15,000 page views since it launched.

Thanks for visiting and for those who come back time and time again, I hope to keep you all entertained during 2007!

*picture credit: The dancing cow is copyright of (yes, visit the funny website!)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Eddie The Cheetah!

Turns out Eddie Murphy was quite the "cheetah" on leopard skinned Scary Spice (Melanie Brown), as it turns out he's been dating Tracey Edmonds for about 6 weeks. The love rat spoke out a few days ago saying he wasn't with Melanie Brown anymore and had no idea who the father of her unborn child will be, implying that Melanie was the one who slept around.

But as the story unfolds, it seems he is the cheating one as Melanie had no idea she had been dumped for Tracey(ex wife of "Babyface"). Melanie was quite loved up with Murphy and was looking forward to having his baby, spending Christmas with him and getting married. Now that dream is in tatters.

It's been reported today that Eddie's staff did not get along with Mel, finding her "rude and abrasive". Eddie is said to have "hit the roof" when he found out what Mel had allegedly been saying to them.

Watch this space for more news........................

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mel B and Eddie Split?

Picture credit: The Sun/RETNA

A few days ago we reported Melanie Brown was back in the UK and about 5 months pregnant. But now newspapers like The Sun are reporting Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice (Mel B) have not only split up but he is questioning if the baby is even his!
He was asked about the affair while promoting his new movie Dreamgirls.
Murphy told an interviewer in New York:
"You're being presumptuous, because we're not together any more.
"And I don't know whose child that is, until it comes out and has a blood test.
"You shouldn't jump to conclusions, sir

The pair began dating in June, just two months after Murphy divorced Nicole, his wife of seven years. The romance quickly blossomed and they introduced the actor's five children to Mel's seven-year-old daughter Phoenix Chi.

In September, Murphy declared his strong feelings for Mel, saying: "I am madly in love with her."
Mel also cooed about her relationship with the Doctor Dolittle star recently.
She gushed: "We're in love and get on really well.
"All the children have met and get on — it's like a great big happy family.
"I can't wait to spend Christmas with him or to have this baby.

Sarah Harding Ultimo Photos

Girls Aloud singer, Sarah Harding like never seen her before, at the launch of the Ultimo undrewear launch this week at London's Debenham's flagship store. According to The Sun - Sarah, 25, has set tongues wagging after Sadie Frost's toyboy lover Alex Zane was spotted leaving her flat at 7 am on Sunday morning.The pictures can be seen online thanks to The Sun,,2-2006560311,00.html and borrowed for robmaccaEXTRA :

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Spice Girls Reunion?

Another weekend and another set of "Spice Girl Reunion" stories, as Take That reign supreme in the UK album and singles chart. A live "Audience with Take That" had Melanie C as part of the celebrity audience and she was asked when the Spice Girls would be reforming, to which the crowd gave a loud cheer. It seems the British public could finally be mellowing to the thought of a Spice Girls return.

A year ago no-one would have predicted that Take That would be doing as well as they are, so could we see the same for the Spice Girls? They are rumoured to be in talks about being part of a concert in memory of Princess Diana.

Read the full story here:

Saturday, December 02, 2006

MySpace: Identity Theft!

I was just browsing on Emma Bunton's MySpace, and as you do, drifted of from one click to another................ so I tried looking for myself, to see if my net name was available. Well, surprise surprise - some bugger had not only "stolen" the "robmacca" name - they had nicked my picture (as seen above) and the profile itself below:

It did make me laugh where it said: "Another 22 yrs Old Profile Who Is Private.HAHA" then add on the "users" age of 14 = 36 (my age last year). So whoever set it up sure knows me - bless!

Just as well I don't like MySpace, I just hope they haven't been sending messages to anyone in my name. I've also moved to Pomona, NEW JERSEY United States - so it's not all bad!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Melanie Brown IS Pregnant

Fans of Melanie Brown have been waiting for pictures like this to confirm that she is actually pregnant as the press have been reporting. Melanie (Scary Spice) is back in the UK and these pictures of Melanie arriving in London show the evidence of a 4-5 month pregnant bump.

Maybe Melanie popped into Boots the chemist for a pregnancy test!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Media News

How much would you pay to show Big Brother?

A million maybe?

Well Channel 4 think it's worth alot more and will be paying the makers Endemol a whopping between 30m and 40m a year for the three future series. If ITV had entered into the bidding war - the price could have been up to 70 million pounds.

Sounds like alot but when you consider Channel 4 make about 50m each year from the show, it's a bargain!

Big Brother will be back next summer for a eighth series and auditions are expected online in the new year.
From one Channel 4 programme to another.................


Seems like Channel 4 like paying out, because Charlotte Church has been paid 1.2m for a second series of her Friday night chat show. It's so much, that Charlotte is taking a break from making music and has parted company with her record compant Sony/BMG to focus on TV and her new book. It has nothing to do with poor recent album sales of course!
Glad that Charlotte will be back on our screens in 2007.
From one musician to another.................


Girl's Aloud singer Sarah Harding, has said she wouldn't be doing any nude pictures EVER. She may be the new face of Scottish underwear Ultimo but she said:
"I would never do anything seedy like that. I am not a glamour model. I'm not a prude and don't mind stripping to a bikini but I wouldn't sit there legs akimbo full frontal. Not even for a million quid."

From one naked star - well actually, maybe not!

Emma Bunton - The Official Photos

The latest Emma Bunton pictures have hit the net and you can see them here:

Emma is mega busy with her daily "Strictly Come Dancing" training, then promotional work for the show. The new album "Life in Mono" is set for it's UK release on Monday and Emma will be out late Saturday night at London's G-A-Y nightclub. Emma is also rumoured to be writing a sitcom - she certainly is "Busy Spice"
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