Friday, June 29, 2007

robmacca Spice Girls Radio Interviews

Yesterday was one of those crazy days as the Spice Girls finally announced their comeback for one last tour to say "Goodbye" to the fans and reunite as a five piece group. I'd been contacted the day before by the BBC who wanted to do an interview for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire.

I was interviewed by Liz Kershaw on the Breakfast Show and it's available to download HERE. I recorded it from my laptop to mobile so it's not that loud! Then as the Spice Girls were doing the press conference, I had another call from the BBC and they wanted to interview me on another show for the station, this time it was Jane Vickers Drive Time Show. It was a fun interview and also available to download HERE (I liked this one more!).

The funniest part of the day was having to turn down the BBC World Service for an interview on their "Have Your Say" programme because it clashed with the other BBC interview. For one day only I felt like a Z list celeb, which is about as high as robmacca needs to get in this world!

Those lovely Spice Girls yesterday!


  1. I was listening to Jane's show and when she said that she had Coventry's biggest Spice Girls fan, I just somehow knew it would be you...

    Rob Macca - Media Whore

  2. Oh that is so so true!

    I had all my lessons from Victoria Beckham and she taught me well......

  3. WOW thta's just amazing mate!!! hehe over here my mates only laugh when I talk about the spice girls reunion :S


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