Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Enemy: Liam Watts "the new Keith Moon"

The Enemy's drummer Liam Watts has been described as "the new Keith Moon" in the media recently. The Coventry 19 year old has had a fantastic year as The Enemy became the first Coventry group in history to gain a number 1 position. Their debut album "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" has gone on to spend three weeks in the Top 10, selling another 13,919 copies last week alone.

Some might think it is a bit soon to compare Liam Watts with The Who's legendary drummer Keith Moon but for those of us who have seen the way Liam performs - know how skilled he is as a drummer. His dad, Martin Watts, a former drummer who helped teach Liam has said that the band were good enough to build a fan base "throughout the UK then further afield" but Liam would keep is feet on the ground.

The Enemy recently graced the cover of indie music bible the NME and are about to head off for some festivals in Japan and Germany before embarking on their next full UK tour in September and October.

Liam Watts told the Coventry Times that the band will not struggle for ideas to follow up the historic "We'll Live And Die In These Towns", although it was too far ahead to talk too much about the next album. Liam, who still lives with his parents in Holbrooks, Coventry added ominously:

"I don't think it's going to be too much of a struggle. We're always jamming away and there's always new ideas. When we're together we go into a zone and get into it."

Mike Kiely,head of year at Cardinal Newman school in Keresley, said of Liam:

"He was always a good student, quiet at school and well liked by his classmates. You probably wouldn't have said 'there's a rock star of the future' but he obviouslyhad it within him and it is fantastic to see where he has got to now and the success he is enjoying."

"It's an inspiration to all of us to go after our dream. Rock on Liam!"

*quotes are taken from the Coventry Times, picture of Liam Watts taken from album sleeve.

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