Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Enemy - Colosseum Gig Coventry

The Enemy performed in front of the home crowd at the Colosseum club in Coventry last night. The gig was sold out, the atmosphere was great as both the band and the crowd were "up for it". Before the gig had even got started, the fans were crowd surfing and going mental, then when the boys came on stage the whole place became electric. You had a real feeling that this was the night before The Enemy really hit the big time - for Tom, Liam and Andy their lives would never be the same again from this day on.

This was a night to remember for anyone who comes from Coventry, a gig where people will be able to say "I was there" when The Enemy hit the big time and put Coventry back on the music map. As they played and I watched from the balcony, you could feel the vibe as the crowds pushed and shoved and surfed and chanted - already these lads were legends in our eyes. Even during the short half time interval, the Cov chants rang through the Colly with one voice - this was the home coming gig and The Enemy were like the Coventry City football team, who 20 years earlier rode back into the city triumpant victors.

It was great talking to the people of Coventry at the gig - they were proud to come from Coventry, something which had been lacking in days gone by. The lads I talked to at the bar were saying that it's not just The Enemy and The Ripps, but other great bands are coming out of Cov. Another lad chipped in and mentioned yet another group who are creating a wave in the music world. You could sense that Coventry was alive musically and The Enemy were helping that revival. (Cheers for the pint!). During the gig there was a "oneness" and the random stranger next to me put his arm around me and I did the same to him as we sang along to "Away From Here". It was indeed a night to remember and the begining of a great future for The Enemy and the music industry in Coventry.

Watch some of the videos from the gig HERE

The Enemy "Away From Here" , the final song for the night as the crowds go wild.

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  1. Must've been an amazing it, it must be amazing that a band from your city gets so recognized. I think it was nice from that man to put his arm around you, sometimes music makes you feel like expressing your feelings.


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