Friday, August 31, 2007


Men in Caves from Coventry give an energetic performance at Kapow in the Phoenix.

Mommas In The Kitchen prove that blues and Jesus is alive and well!

Lipstick Gypsies "tune in and drop out" for the Kapow crowd.

robmacca looking knackered due to lack of sleep.....

Going out drinking when you have work the next day is never a good idea but when it involves three smart bands and a nice chilled out atmosphere - Kapow! @ Phoenix is always worth a hang over.

With the Bank Holiday just passed and the students all still away for the summer, it was quiet - but this didn't stop any of the three bands from putting on a lesser performance. I'd never seen any of the bands before so got quite a surprise when I heard Mommas In The Kitchen because I didn't expect blues music at Kapow. Yet I really enjoyed hearing something different, plus the lead singer Jamie Birch had a great sense of humour (loved the leaflet about Jesus on the stage!).

The Lipstick Gypsies had come over from Redditch and I wish more people had come out to give the lads a listen because they were worth it. they worked together well and looked good on stage - some might even say they were the best looking band of the evening...........

Final band of the night came from Coventry's own Men In Caves, Ross More on bass certainly packed in quite a few moves as he entertained us with his jumps while Tom Brindle on vocals/guitar and Pete Canning on drums completed the three piece. Hopefully this will not be the last time I see the band.

Oops..................... I slept in for work and had a hangover all morning but it was totally worth going out (thanks Patch!) and I'm going to have to make Thursday night Kapow! night from now on!

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