Monday, August 27, 2007

The Ripps "Celebrate Coventry"

The Ripps (Patch and Raul) performed an acoustic set as part of the "Celebrate Coventry" weekend and the fans turned out in style for what was one of the best behaved events of 2007. It may have been something to do with the time of day (14:25 on a Sunday afternoon), but everyone was on their best behaviour. Patch even managed to keep his mobile phone and avoid a stage invasion!

It was good to see so many young Ripps fans make the effort and come into Coventry precinct and support Patch and Raul. Likewise, Coventry can be so proud of The Ripps because they have done so much for Coventry. Although often overshadowed by a certain other band from Coventry, Raul, Rachel and Patch have travelled many thousands of miles this year to bring their brand of music to the masses and have worked their socks off.

For me The Ripps are a perfect reason to "Celebrate Coventry" because they sum up what being a Coventarian is all about. Everyone who knows Patch, Raul and Rachel have said on numerous occasions how "nice", "friendly"and "down to earth" they are. I'd like to think people around the world have a better impression of Coventry because of people like The Ripps. On stage and off, these are humble people who love what they do yet never take a performance for granted and that comes across so clearly.

It felt weird not hearing Rachel Ripp on drums or seeing her smiling face, but this was an acoustic set after all. Patch told the crowds; "we miss you Rachel" and I'm sure we all agree with him on that point but can look forward to seeing more of Rachel, Raul and Patch for many more months yet.........

The Ripps - "You Don't Even Care" (acoustic)

The Ripps - "Loco" (acoustic)

*Don't know if anyone else noticed that the security guard (see picture 2 and the videos) had a striking resemblance to Jack Sugden from Emmerdale - might just be my twisted humour or maybe he's trying to get in with Raul and Patch Ripp!

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