Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Enemy: Relaxing Back In Coventry

Andy Hopkins enjoying the Coventry scene

The Enemy may be one of the hardest working bands in Britain, but they are also normal teenage lads who need time off to unwind and enjoy a good night out. Following a very hectic few weeks promoting their single "Had Enough" and album "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" - Andy Hopkins, Liam Watts and Tom Clarke finally got to chill out and have a few lagers with mates in Coventry.

It must have made a refreshing change not to be the ones on stage performing but instead they could just relax and not be on show. In all the surreal experiences of the past few months, being able to be "normal" and have a good Saturday night out has become a luxury of late. The lads were still able to go clubbing at a certain Coventry night club last night and not be surrounded constantly by fans. Another proof that The Enemy really do love Coventry and whenever possible would still like to be able to go out and mix with real people, away from the spotlight and trappings that comes with being musicians on the world stage.

The picture above was taken by my housemate, who knew I wouldn't believe him when he phoned to say he'd seen The Enemy while out clubbing last night, he was right I didn't believe him - until I saw the photo of Andy Hopkins. Sadly I'd not been able to afford to go out because I'm making cutbacks with the Royal Mail strike, yet it made my night knowing the lads were out in Coventry.

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  1. How nice from your housemate to take a pic so that u could believe him, The Enemy lads must be feeling exhausted after all their hard work!


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