Friday, April 06, 2007

Beckham Too "Posh"?

The Daily Star, among other world newspapers are reporting that maybe Victoria Beckham is just "too posh" for America. The mega famous ex- Spice Girl has been getting the backs up of certain Americans, yet at the same time becoming good friends with J-Lo.

Critics of Victoria reckon she is moody, much too uptight, snooty and a real "cold fish". She is giving the impression she doesn't like attention then loving every minute of it! But it won't stop the Beckhams domination in the media market as J-Lo wants to try out some fashion items in the DVB collection.

Over on robmaccaEXTRA you can now see the final collection from the Ultimo range of Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding as she poses in different pieces of underwear for the spring collection (as featured in part 1 and 2 on robmaccaEXTRA during the past few days).

Life is never dull in the world of robmacca - yesterday saw the first spot of sunbathing of the year, even with just 30 minutes sleep the previous night and then was out pubbing it last night so no sleep again.
The next 3 days are holidays and that means 3 more nights in the pubs!

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  1. glad to know u're having fun!! hope u enjoy your days off ;)


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