Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Enemy - New Website and EXCLUSIVE Pictures

Here are some EXCLUSIVE pictures taken by top photographer Valerio Berdini, as seen on Liveon35mm.com and used by kind permission for TheEnemy.eu, check his work out at liveon35mm.com

I've just launched a new Enemy website and will be updating it as often as I can with all the latest news, pictures and videos from The Enemy. It will mean I'll be able to focus more on other entertainment news here - yes, I might actually need to fit in my normal job as well but I love it all!

The photographs were taken during The Enemy gig in Cambridge a few days ago.


  1. My pleasure Valerio - you are TOP in my books and deserve such a title.

    I wish I could take such quality pictures.

    I've updated the sites to include links that actually work now!!


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