Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Teddy Teacher Story

This teacher - Gillian Gibbons could be charged with sedition or a months prison sentence with 40 lashes in Sudan.
The crime?

Allowing pupils to name a teddy bear "Mohammed".

Check out the story: HERE

Ironic that people were protesting angrily at the Oxford Union over the choice of speakers for the Union Society last night (BNP leader Nick Griffin and historian David Irving).

There will be no such protests in Britain for the teacher who is in jail for naming the teddy "Mohammed", at the request of the children. It amazes me how quickly protesters will jump on one band wagon but will suddenly become silent when it comes to the need for action.

My advice to all those who went to Oxford to protest at who was speaking as part of the free speech debate - get off your arses now and do something useful. Free speech, whether we agree with the person or not is enshrined in the British way of life - pity that such places like Sudan still lives in the dark ages and imprison innocent people.

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