Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Enemy Apple iTunes Exclusive Session

Train tickets, iTunes pass, The Enemy badge and a viscount buiscuit!

Crowds remain seated until The Enemy come on stage just after 9pm.

The Enemy performed an exclusive live session for iTunes last night in London and robmacca was there to see how it all went. Here are three exclusive live videos from the night on my brand new digital camera. The sound and picture quality is far superior to anything I have previously recorded on my mobile phone.

There were a few Coventry people among the 140 guests at the Apple store in Regent Street, London and I felt honoured to be one of those guests after previously missing the AOL session because of a motorway pile up.

Tom Clarke seemed to be on his best behaviour tonight, encouraging the crowd to stand and later to show some hands. This was a session after all and not a full blown gig - so crowd surfing would have been out of place. It didn't stop one guy semi-crowd surfing, admittedly he looked more like he was climbing over the seats but at least he tried. Another lad was standing on his seat loving every minute of The Enemy and waving his arms in the air in union with his hero's.

Being pretty close up gave me an opportunity to watch Liam Watts do his stuff on drums, and my goodness he don't half give them a good bashing. You can see just how much effort he puts into the session on the videos. Liam's hair goes everywhere as he gives 100% into putting on a cracking performance for The Enemy fans among the iTunes crowd.

Andy Hopkins, as always, gave solid backing support to Tom - both on vocals and bass guitar. Making sure he didn't crowd surf must have been hard, but then this wasn't Coventry and I'm not sure some of the posher ones in the crowd would have caught him!

It was a tight set with "Had Enough" as the opening track and "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" as the closing number and most of the album sandwiched in between. The iTunes session left you wanting more, much more of The Enemy.

The Enemy - Had Enough - Live@ iTunes

The Enemy - Away From Here - Live@ iTunes

The Enemy - We'll Live And Die In These Towns - Live@ iTunes

robmacca inside Cov train station with the giant Enemy album advert.

Max gives it the big 'un back in Coventry!

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