Sunday, June 19, 2005

DVD of the Month..............

Girls Aloud - "Girls on Film"

Well worth the £9.99 I paid on , the DVD includes the video's to the singles as well as the MTV special. Loved the camera work in the MTV programme. The CD:UK and TOTP performances are well worth having on DVD - very sexy indeed!
The DVD will keep me happy until later in the year when we get new material from the best act in pop at the moment.

Single of the Month.....................

- Melanie Brown "Today".

Mainly going un-noticed by the British public , is the new single by former Scary Spice, Melanie Brown. The single is an upbeat summer track that has been great to play while driving along in the sunshine. The B sides are also worth a mention, both of them are worth a listen. Pity the single has failed to chart in the Top 40 today.

It Could Only Happen To Me.......

Only I could win a competition and NOT actually win the prize!

As part of my PC clear out ready for the mass "wiping" tomorrow, I have been going to any websites I visit and writing my username/password etc. I'd entered a competition for a CD in October, and it turns out I had won.

Sadly , going back to the website 8 months later meant I was too late to claim my prize. Typical - one of the only times I ever win something and I don't get to actually receive the CD. I could add it to the list of "bad" luck ............. the £1,000 bonus I missed out on by leaving Royal Mail or being written out of a will and "losing" £10,000 for leaving a religion or the £10,000 on shares that went down the plug hole.

Thankfully I am not bothered about "luck". My view is quite simple - we came into this world with nothing and will leave with nothing when we go. Saying that, I would like to try and keep some of what I've worked so hard for while I'm here!

Friday, June 17, 2005

New PC?

I might get a new PC in the coming weeks.

I've been thinking long and hard about the problems with my current 1998 PC, and think it is time to upgrade to a better computer. Money is still quite tight but I got a cheque today for a pension contribution from my last employer, so hopefully can now put this towards a new PC. That is unless I have a disaster between now and then............

Things could be looking up.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More Computer Woes..............

As if things counldn't get any worse for my poor PC, I've accidently deleted my email account, Word and Excel in a bid to free up more space. When I try and do a system resore , it can't because there is less than 200mb of free disc space (the very reason I deleted Microsoft Office ........opps!). Things are looking grim in cyberspace.

Can my computer whiz friend Martin save the day?
Will I be able to get my email back?
Does this mean the end of the internet for me?

Watch this space for updates (if I'm still here!!)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My Computer is Dying................

Sadly my PC is finally on the way out and I may not be able to save it this time. I have had it since January 1998 so it is in need of replacing (4gb of memory is nothing !). The PC has survived many attempts to kill it off in the past from trogans, worms and many other viruses that lurk in cyber space but could it be old age that is finally killing my machine?

The last virus attacked MSN messenger and I had to unistall then download the newer version (7.0), but I know the virus is still hiding in my machine trying to access the net using my machine. ZoneAlarm is doing a good job at stopping it and Norton can't remove it so my machine's hard drive seems to be giving up.

Now my free space is down to virtually zero and my PC has become very unstable, closing programs all the time and taking forever to load web pages - there looks like a good chance I will be online less and less over the coming days.

But I will keep trying and if I can not resolve the problems , I will have to buy a new PC some how..........................

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Lazy Weekender

Image hosted by
Just for a change, I am having a lazy weekend. This has been long overdue and will give me a chance to catch up on jobs around the house and blah blah things like paperwork.

Believe what you like - its gonna be net and TV knowing me!

This weekend will also give me a chance to get over the cold I picked up while trying to sunbathe on Thursday (the sun went in within 10 minutes while I lay in the garden for the next two hours ........waiting!)

As well as a cold, my knee has been hurting - which doesnt help when your trying to deliver 80kg of mail everyday. This post round is the hardest one I've done in the past 8 years, so many steep steps, which over the past 4 weeks has had its toll on my poor knee.


Right back to TV.......................

Sunday, June 05, 2005

More Geri Pictures from 04/06/05

Image hosted by
Geri getting into her groove.
Image hosted by
Geri and co.
Image hosted by
Simple Desire.
Image hosted by
Dressed in black.

Clubbing in Brum with Geri !

Image hosted by

A great night out in Birmingham to see the one and only Geri Halliwell, it was just a two song performance but worth a bit of a crushing. After all this could be one of the last public PA's we see of Geri as a music artist, if the rumours are true about her record deal etc.......... Anyway, I totally enjoyed it and hopefully it won't be the last time we get to see Geri on stage.

The club played quite a few Geri video's as they played promoted the new album so all in all we had quite a Geri filled night. She didn't really talk to the crowd much and as soon as the two songs wee finished, she was off................. about an hour later, so were we!

Geri in Birmingham 04/06/05

Geri performing "Desire" at The Gale in Birmingham:
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