Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Enemy: Chalky's Banbury - Acoustic Set

The Enemy performed in front of an lively young crowd at Chalky's record shop in Banbury on 20th September 2007. This was the first time I'd seen The Enemy perform at an independent record shop and it was also their best yet. Having done Manchester on Monday and London today, it was time for a town like Banbury to have a chance to see The Enemy, devoid of tight security.

Everyone at Chalky's, including management, did an excellent job of making the whole event a success and a pleasure to attend. Giving up my afternoon sleep and driving over to Banbury was worth it, I came away from the performance and record signing feeling very special.

Tom Clarke, Liam Watts and Andy Hopkins treated Banbury's teenage crowd to a very intimate acoustic set (as the videos below clearly show. As Tom Clarke sang "You're Not Alone", you could see the real passion on his face. This is a song that is personal to him and that was reflected clearly.
I felt goose pimples and a shiver down my spine because this song has come to mean so much to me as well. Having seen Peugeot rip the heart out of Coventry, I'm now seeing Royal Mail do the same and life as a postie has become tough. So it's comforting to know "You're Not Alone" and others are supporting you in your struggle for a decent way of life.

It was unusual not to see Liam Watts drumming with his usual vigor, all three lads were seated for this acoustic set and Liam was gently tapping away on his snare drum. But all of this helped in making the event even more personal, you could feel the pride in the lyrics to "We'll Live And Die In These Towns".

I'm not sure the middle class people of Banbury would fully grasp the true meaning of The Enemy's songs from the heart but the crowds lapped it all up. Many getting body parts signed as well as the latest single out this week. You might think I'm a tad too old for record signings, but the whole experience keeps the connection between the fans and musicians a tighter fitting link which I feel part of. I didn't have the privilege of seeing bands perform until I was about 24 years old and it is only this year that Coventry's music scene has come alive in my life.

The Enemy - "Away From Here" (acoustic)

The Enemy - "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" (acoustic)

The Enemy - "You're Not Alone" (acoustic)

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