Saturday, May 31, 2008

Amy Winehouse: Rock in Rio - Portugal

Winehouse on stage at 'Rock in Rio', Portugal

Amy Winehouse made an entertaining return to the stage as she turned up late and kept 90,000 Portuguese fans waiting. Yet they proved forgiving and gave the much publicised singer a warm welcome as she performed an interesting live set at Portugal's 'Rock in Rio' in Lisbon.

No performance ever goes by without something news worthy happening for Amy Winehouse and the worlds media had plenty to choose from - the hair grip declaring her love for Blake, falling over on stage, dropping the microphone and apologising for her croaky voice were just a few of the incidents to capture the press offices around the globe.

Amy Winehouse was still able to pull it off as she sailed through her hits and went on to perform two songs by Coventry SKA band, The Specials (A Message To You Rudy and Wonderin' Now).

Friday, May 30, 2008

Victoria Beckam - Marc Jacobs Pictures

Victoria Beckham proves she has a sense of humour, as these latest pictures for fashion house Marc Jacobs prove. Shot by celebrated fashion photographer Juergen Teller - Posh reveals yet another side to her multi-faceted personality, this time as a teapot!
Posh goes crazy!
Victoria Beckham turns into a teapot!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Enemy - 30,000 Coventry gig

The Enemy - stars of Coventry's biggest ever open air party.

Coventry band The Enemy, will be playing at the biggest open-air festival Coventry has ever seen. The annual Godiva Festival will be making changes so that up to 30,000 fans will be able to attend the free festival. The Coventry trio were performing in Leeds at the weekend as support for the Kaiser Chiefs and head off to Ibiza this week to launch "Ibiza Rocks"

The main tent is being replaced by a large open stage and will be relocated to a different part of the Memorial Park so that an extra 27,000 visitors can watch The Enemy perform tracks from their number one selling album "We'll Live And Die In These Towns".

Included in this years Godiva Festival line up along side The Enemy will be Exit Calm, an up and coming band that are tipped to be big and are mentored by the Coventry manager who took The Enemy under his wings. Glasvegas will also be taking to the stage during the three day festival, they have also been tipped for the top by music mogul Alan McGee - the man who discovered Oasis. Recently signed to Columbia records, Glasvegas have already won the Radar Award at the NME Awards in March. Their debut album is due out later this summer and is a fusion between "fifties Rock 'n' Roll with a large helping of Jesus and Mary Chain", according to the Coventry Telegraph.

The Ripps will rock Godiva

The cream of Coventry will also be on stage during the eleventh Godiva Festival, The Ripps and Pint Shot Riot are expected to add to the electric atmosphere. Art Brut, The Displacements and Dogfight Revolution have been added to the event which will take place at Coventry's Memorial Park from Friday 4th July until Sunday 6th July 2008.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Amy Winehouse Attacks Photographers

Amy Winehouse lashes out at photographers

Amy Winehouse finally had enough and lashed back at photographers, as the picture above clearly shows. The paparazzi had been camped outside Amy's Camden apartment all day and tried to follow her every move - which turned out to be a bad idea as she was not in a good mood. The singer had rushed to London's Pentonville Prison but had turned up too late for her appointment to see her husband Blake. The press continued taking pictures as Amy cried in the taxi cab on the way home and even when she ordered a take away from a local Kabab shop.

It all finally got too much for her as photographers camped outside her apartment blocked her entry into the flat. Winehouse lashed out in frustration after a traumatic day, she appears to have grabbed a camera and may have punched a member of the paparazzi as she tried to get back indoors away from the media glare.

Will all the media attention drive Amy Winehouse away from the UK? Only time will tell.

Amy Winehouse pictured constantly

*Pics by: REX

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kaiser Chiefs and The Enemy Rock Leeds

The Kaiser Chiefs performed in front of 35,000 home fans at Elland Road Leeds, and spirits were high prior to the football game the following day. It was the Kaiser Chiefs biggest gig yet and with fantastic support by The Enemy, Kate Nash, Friendly Fires, The Young Knives and Mark Ronson. Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles introduced each of the acts with the crowds already in high spirits following many football chants throughout the course of the day.

Kate Nash

During The Enemy's performance of "You're Not Alone", one excited fan decided to go topless, as captured in the video below!

The Enemy - You're Not Alone

The Enemy on stage

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Rihanna Forces Madonna To 'Take A Bow' In Ireland

Rihanna has forced Madonna to 'Take A Bow' from the #1 spot in Ireland, frog leaping four places to claim pole position above the Ting Tings and Usher in the process. Dustin the Turkey enjoyed a mini revival with his Eurovision entry 'Irelande Douze Points' at #8 but suffered an early exit from the Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday as Europe failed to get the Irish humour.

Last week Rihanna failed to gain a second #1 in the UK singles chart (Ting Tings went to #1 instead) and in Ireland she was only #5, but today 'Take A Bow' became the highest climber in the Irish Top 10 and the new number one. The single shouldn't be confused with the 1984 Madonna single with the same title that only managed 16th and became the lowest charting Madonna track.

In the album chart the Ting Tings had the highest entry with 'We Started Nothing' at #3 while Bruce Springsteen enjoyed having four albums in the Irish Top 100.

Winehouse To Enter Rapid Rehab In Israel

Amy Winehouse
Troubled singer Amy Winehouse could be flying out to Israel in a bid to get cleaned up for Glastonbury next month. Reports from the Jewish Chronicle claim the Winehouse management team got in contact with specialist Andre Waismann asking for his help.

The Barzilai Medical Centre would care for Winehouse, where she will receive 36 hours of treatment and the promise of success would ensure Amy Winehouse is able to make her Glastonbury appearance just before Jay-Z, as reported earlier this week here on 'robmacca's entertainment news'.

The 24 year old Rehab hit maker will undergo “very short, intensive and effective treatment” costing $12,800 (£6,400). Winehouse has also said she would love it if jailed husband Blake, could come to Glastonbury with her.

Amy has been under the public spotlight all week following the 'Winemouse' videos, as revealed here last weekend but is determined to bounce back at Glastonbury. Yesterday Amy Winehouse won an Ivor Novello Award but arrived so late her father had to collect it.

The Real Reason We Watch Eurovision!

This is the real reason why millions of people around the world watch the Eurovision Song Contest - just view the video below by Pirates of the Sea from Latvia . It's totally "Eurovision" yet lots of fun!

* More Eurovision gossip and views on robmacca EXTRA

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ivor Novello Awards

Amy Winehouse has won the main Ivor Novello Award for writing her song 'Love Is A Losing Game', Amy was up against her other song 'You Know I'm No Good ' and 'Let Me Out' by Ben's Brother. Amy's father collected the award on her behalf but Amy was said to be "very excited" at winning and her father said she was "getting better".

Winehouse won an Ivor Novello Award last year for 'Rehab' but this year failed to make it a double as 'Rehab' lost out to Beyonce and Shakira's 'Beautiful Liar' in the Best Selling British Single category.

Other Ivor Novello Award winners included Radiohead for Best Album with their 'In Rainbows' album. Take That had the Most Performed Work Award for their single 'Shine', being played more than any other track on the radio last year. Cherry Ghost's 'People Help The People' won the Best Contemporary Song Award, beating Kate Nash's 'Foundations' and 'Golden Skans' by The Klaxons.

Mika won Songwriter of the Year and Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour won the Lifetime Achievement Award, at the ceremony earlier today.The Outstanding Contribution to British Music went to Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze , while Soul II Soul's Jazzie B was given the Inspiration Award.

Phil Collins picked up an award for International Achievement but reiterated he was retiring from music to focus more on his family. In other categories, 'Atonement' won Best Film Score, while Oliver Twist was the winner of Best TV Soundtrack.

For more details about the winners, check out the Ivor Novello website: HERE

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Amy Winehouse Rescues Glastonbury Festival

Amy Winehouse has been confirmed for next month's Glastonbury Festival and will be taking the Pyramid Stage just prior to Jay-Z on Saturday 28th June.

Festival organiser Emily Eavis said she was confident that Winehouse could be relied on. "I have total faith," she said. "I think she'll come and deliver."

Glastonbury chiefs have come under fire this year for selecting Jay-Z as the headline act, but Amy Winehouse could help turn fortunes around for the festival.

R Kelly Sex Tape Shown In Court

R Kelly faces up to 15 years in jail if the jury believe the sex tape that was shown in court. The R&B singer is being charged with child pornography as prosecutors allege R Kelly had sex with a girl who was as young as 13.

The opening day of the trial was an interesting event with the R Kelly 'Sex Tape' being shown to the jury then the prosecution saying: "See the sex acts he commands her to do, acts you have never seen before. Vile, disturbing and disgusting sex acts, actions that were choreographed, produced and starred in by Robert Kelly."

Defence lawyer's denied the sex tape featured R Kelly, saying the man in the video does not have a mole on his back (R Kelly has a mole apparently!). Neither the FBI nor a single witness can verify it was R Kelly in the video tape, even the girl, who is now 23, denies it is her in the footage.

It won't be long before copies of the video tape circulate the internet!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty Winemouse Videos

Amy Winehouse pictures:

Amy Winehouse and the "Winemouse" video

This must be the most bizarre video of 2008, yet somehow compelling viewing as singer's Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty filmed together with tiny mice. The press are having a field day mentioning drugs, dirty hands and animal cruelty.

Judge for yourself by watching the two videos below, the first one has been "banned" by YouTube (I think someone was pissed off because it was getting so many hits!):

Winemouse - Part 1

Winemouse - Part 2

Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty pictured by Splash in London

Read: "robmacca In YouTube 'Winemouse' Controversy": HERE

Friday, May 16, 2008

Shania Twain Marriage Over

Country singer Shania Twain has split from producer husband, Robert "Mutt" Lange. Although the age gap was seventeen years, the couple married in 1993, just six months after first meeting.

Shania Twain has sold millions of records around the world with her pop sounding brand of country music, but has always preferred staying out of the limelight. She spends most of her time in Switzerland away from the public eye. The couple have a six year old son, Eja D'Angelo and will not be discussing the marriage break-up with the media.

A statement was released saying: "This is a private matter and there will be no further comment at this time", says People magazine.

Shania Twain and Matt Lange wedding photo

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Geri Halliwell To Marry In September?

Geri Halliwell is set to marry her Spice Girls backing dancer, Ivan Velez in September. According to the Daily Star, the couple will marry at London's Fleet Street St Bride's church (pictured left).
Geri and Ivan first met back in 2001 on the set of her video to "It's Raining Men" and then recently on the Spice Girls tour, where the couple grew closer. The dancer has also bonded with Geri's two year old daughter Bluebell.
The insider told the newspaper: "Geri has a huge diamond and an even bigger grin on her face now that she and Ivan are marrying. It's been a whirlwind affair but when you know, you know, and she doesn't care if she's criticised for being hasty."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Girls Aloud Tour Pictures

Here are a selection of Girls Aloud pictures from the new 2008 tour as well as behind the scenes pictures, as featured in the Daily Mail and Hello Magazine.

The 2008 tour has already started and the newspaper revealed that during their 34-date tour, Girls Aloud will get through 15 tubes of mascara, 145 sets of fake eyelashes, 50 cans of hairspray, 250 fake nails, 150 pairs of fishnets.
That's not to mention the 2,000 chocolate bars, 3,500 packets of chewing gum and 6,000 cans of energy drink.

The full story can be found in this weeks issue of Hello magazine.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Girls Aloud: Splitting Up?

Girls Aloud splitting up? Well they might be if they each keep going their own way. I predicted previously on this blog that Girls Aloud would split later this year, and more and more cracks seem to be appearing.

Sure they have their UK tour coming up, of course fans still buy their records but have the girls learnt nothing from previous "girl power" groups? The Spice Girls began solo projects to go along side their work in the group, but soon these side projects began to demand more and more time until the cracks split the group into not working as a single unit anymore.

This week Nadine Coyle has opened up her very own scented candle shop in Los Angeles to go with her Mexican restaurant and wants to create a chain store selling her new products. Soon she will be spending even more time in America and less time with her band mates. Cheryl Cole is riding high in the UK charts with her collaboration with on 'Heartbreaker' fuelling speculation she will opt for a solo career in the near future.

Meanwhile, Sarah Harding was given a horse as an engagement present from lover Tom Crane, so may be busy riding that, in between getting drunk! Kimberley Walsh revealed she would be interested in a career on the stage when Girls Aloud split and Nicola Roberts just hates being the "ugly one" in the group!

Will the spilt happen in 2008, lets wait and see...........

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Enemy Almost Missed Radio 1 Big Weekend

*pictures by the BBC.

The Enemy almost missed their own performance at Maidstone, Kent this weekend when their sat nav system sent them on a detour to the coast.

Tom Clarke, the band's front man, said they had travelled over a strange bridge and ended up by the sea.

It was a good job they did make it though as the main tent went wild when they played just before headliners The Kooks. Tom Clarke, Andy Hopkins and Liam Watts played a fantastic 43 minute set, which included new track 'Sing When You're In Love', as well as classic tracks such as 'Away From Here' and 'We'll Live And Die In These Towns', which had the massive crowd singing along during the Radio 1 Big Weekend. The whole performance can be seen on the BBC website: HERE

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    Friday, May 09, 2008

    Skins Star Gets Naked For Charity

    Skins star Mitch Hewer (Maxxie) has stripped off for Everyman, the UK’s leading male cancer campaign and will appear in the June edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, which goes on sale on May 12.

    *For a full selection of naked celebrity pictures featuring Ian Wright, Danny Cipriani,Nick Abendanon and many more visit robmacca EXTRA

    Thursday, May 08, 2008

    MTV Movie Award Nominations 2008

    The MTV Movie Award nominations have been announced (see full list below) and it could be a 'super good' year for 'Superbad' - the hilarious teen movie that went down a treat last year. The high school comedy is in the running for 5 awards, including 'Best Movie'. The awards take place on June 1st and will be hosted by Shrek and Wayne's World actor Mike Myers.

    Vote: HERE

    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
    I Am Legend
    National Treasure: Book of Secrets

    Will Smith- I Am Legend
    Shia LeBeouf- Transformers
    Denzel Washington- American Gangster
    Matt Damon- The Bourne Ultimatum
    Michael Cera- Juno

    Ellen Page- Juno
    Keira Knightley - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
    Katherine Heigl – Knocked Up
    Amy Adams- Enchanted
    Jessica Biel- I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

    Johnny Depp- Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
    Denzel Washington- American Gangster
    Angelina Jolie- Beowulf
    Topher Grace- Spider-Man 3
    Javier Bardem- No Country For Old Men

    Johnny Depp- Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
    Adam Sandler- I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
    Jonah Hill- Superbad
    Seth Rogen- Knocked Up
    Amy Adams- Enchanted

    Matt Damon vs. Joey Ansah- - The Bourne Ultimatum
    Tobey Maguire vs. James Franco- Spider-Man 3
    Hayden Christensen vs. Jamie Bell- Jumper
    Sean Faris vs. Cam Gigandet- Never Back Down
    Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan vs. Sun Ming Ming- Rush Hour 3
    Alien vs. Predator- Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem

    Shia LeBeouf and Sarah Roemer- Disturbia
    Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey- Enchanted
    Daniel Radcliffe and Katie Leung- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    Ellen Page and Michael Cera- Juno
    Briana Evigan and Robert Hoffman- Step Up 2 The Streets

    Zac Efron- Hairspray
    Seth Rogen- Knocked Up
    Jonah Hill- Superbad
    Michael Cera- Superbad
    Chris Brown- This Christmas
    Nikki Blonsky- Hairspray
    Megan Fox- Transformers
    Christopher Mintz-Plasse- Superbad

    Iron Man
    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    Sex and the City: The Movie
    Speed Racer
    The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian

    Ashton Kutcher Considers Porn Career!

    Ashton Kutcher gets topless!
    Ashton Kutcher may consider taking up a new career in pornography if the right offer comes along. Speaking to MTV Ashton said that he was envious of the success of adult stars like Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy. The Punk'd host has just finished working on sex comedy 'Spread', joked that he might turn his hand to porn movies in the future.
    "I [made] a sort of, like, a porno-pseudo-comedy movie," Kutcher told MTV. "So maybe I'll do some more porno. It worked for Jenna Jameson!"

    Tuesday, May 06, 2008

    Big Brother In Crisis As Davina McCall Quits

    Big Brother is in crisis as Davina McCall has announced she is quitting the long running reality programme. The former MTV presenter wants to change directions and become a serious actress when Big Brother 9 ends later this summer.

    The Channel 4 programme has been dogged by problems in recent times following several scandals and the departure of presenters Dermot O'Leary and Russell Brand.

    Although Channel 4 signed a new contract with Endemol to continue showing Big Brother, Celebrity Hijack was a ratings flop and Celebrity Big Brother was dropped after the racism rows. All of this will add a headache for producers, who rely on Big Brother as almost 25% of its annual advertising revenues are generated by the reality show, according to research.

    Monday, May 05, 2008

    Tom Clarke: Why The Specials Still Matter

    The Specials feature on the May cover of MOJO magazine and within the excellent article is an interview with The Enemy frontman, Tom Clarke. Here he talks about the lyrics and influence of The Specials:

    "The Specials' lyrics were written in times of recession and disarray, when there wasn't much positive to speak about, so to realise that those lyrics are still relevant today is obviously quite sad. I didn't realise it, until it was pointed out to me, that the title track of our album, We'll Live And Die In These Towns, which is about the whole essence of a city that's full of culture but people just don't take notice of it - that it's a dead town - that it was clearly the same city that The Specials wrote about in Ghost Town. We also wrote a song, This Song Is About You, after a conversation with an old school friend who said all of our old school friends have got kids, which I couldn't believe, at our age, which is Too Much Too Young, isn't it?

    It's clear how much society has changed since 20, 30 years ago, but with massively key elements that have stayed exactly the same. There's still fighting on the dancefloor, there's still young girls having babies and being forced to be a mother at an age before they've had a life. The Specials were ahead of their time in seeing how society was heading, and one of the first bands to comment on it in a blunt and straight forward way.

    Besides Ghost Town, the other song that epitomises The Specials is Too Much Too Young. It's the no-nonsense lyrics and the energy. They were amazing, incredibly tight band. Listen to the drum fill at the start of that song. There's not even been any music played yet, it's just two drums being hit, but it's already a fucking surge of energy. You can see how much it got audiences jumping up and down in anticipation. The Specials used music as a form of escapism, but the music still sounds like a party. Not many bands combine that contrast. If you don't entwine your lyrics in riddles and metaphors, lots of people can relate to that straight away. That's what set a band like The Specials apart then, and still does today."

    *The Full 11 page feature on Coventry band The Specials can be in the May issue of MOJO magazine.

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    Friday, May 02, 2008

    Madonna: Hard Candy Goes Top In Ireland

    Madonna has gone straight to the top of the album chart in Ireland with her much hyped new album 'Hard Candy', her single '4 Minutes' remained at #2 - still unable to remove 'The Galway Girl'.

    The 'Immaculate Collection' album also jumped 57 places as Ireland got a touch of 'Madonna fever' on the back of 'Hard Candy', spending it's 202nd week in the charts at #43.

    Meanwhile over in America, Leona Lewis climbed back up to #1 in the Billboard Hot 100, for the third time with her massive single 'Bleeding Love', and her debut album remains at #2.

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    Thursday, May 01, 2008

    Mojo Award Nominations 2008

    Alex Turner looks set for an award or two at this year's Mojo Awards on June 16th after being nominated in the Best Live Act and Best Album with his band Arctic Monkeys. Alex is also in the running for Song of the Year and Breakthrough Act with his new project The Last Shadow Puppets. Welsh singer Duffy is up for three awards (Best Album, Breakthrough Act and Song of the Year)

    Register and vote: HERE

    The Mojo Awards Nominations List 2008:

    Breakthrough Act:

    Pete Molinari
    The Last Shadow Puppets
    Bon Iver

    Best Album:

    Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - 'Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!!!'
    Arctic Monkeys - 'Favourite Worst Nightmare'
    Radiohead - 'In Rainbows'
    Duffy - 'Rockferry'
    Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - 'Raising Sand'

    Compilation of the Year:

    'Theme Time Radio Hour With Your Host Bob Dylan'
    'The Very Best Of Ethiopiques: Hypnotic Grooves From The Legendary Series'
    'Cries From The Midnight Circus: The Ladbroke Grove Scene 1968-1971'
    'From The Motion Picture Control'
    'Juno OST'

    Song of the Year:

    LCD Soundsystem - 'All My Friends'
    Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - 'Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!!!'
    The Last Shadow Puppets - 'The Age Of The Understatement'
    Richard Hawley - 'Tonight The Streets Are Ours'
    Duffy - 'Mercy'

    Best Live Act:

    Arctic Monkeys
    Rufus Wainwright
    Seasick Steve
    Led Zeppelin
    Neil Young

    Entertainment News

    * Spice Girl Mel B is to release a fitness DVD in the near future, according to The Sun.

    * Research by the University of Arizona last year found the average office desktop harboured 400 times more bacteria than the average office toilet seat.

    * Campaigners on the Greek island of Lesbos are to go to court in an attempt to stop a gay rights organisation from using the term "lesbian" says the BBC website.

    * Neville Staple from Coventry SKA band the Specials will be playing at this year's Glastonbury reports efestivals. He will be playing at the late night Shangri La tent. Meanwhile fellow Coventry band, The Enemy will be performing on the Other Stage on Friday 27th June 2008.

    *Sky said the match-time average between Chelsea and Liverpool last night was 3.3 million viewers, making it Sky Sports' fifth highest ever audience and its record for a Champions League match. The Apprentice suffered as a result with 600,000 fewer viewers but still on a healthy 6.8m as Kevin got the chop for comparing Clinton's Card bosses to George W Bush.

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