Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Enemy: Photography

Another great photographer has given me permission to use their pictures on my fan website at .

It seems to take up a lot of my free time these days running the website, but it is worth it because I enjoy putting in the effort. First of all we had pictures by Valerio Berdini on - a stunning collection of black and white pictures of The Enemy.

Then the Danny North collection of "The Enemy on Tour" were added. Danny has work featured in the NME on a regular basis and is well known in the industry.

Earlier this month super fan and regular visitor of - Piia from Finland granted permission to use her pictures that she had taken while following The Enemy around the UK and Europe.

Finally, well known photographer Shirlaine Forrester became the latest addition to the growing picture collection on the website. Her pictures capture the band during various gigs and together for press shots.

Before I started my website, I used to find pictures and use them freely without ever asking, or crediting the person who had taken the pictures. Now I realise the hard work they have put into bringing us the pictures, it is only fair I ask where ever I can.

I don't know if The Enemy have seen the website (hope they don't mind me doing it!). I know they used to be regular visitors to my blog but in the end I set up because I was blogging so much about them.

These days I'm busier than ever, when I'm not working on my blogs or websites, I'm involved with a band called Drug For The Good . I also run their MySpace as well as play tambourine on special occasions!

Life is good in the world of robmacca .....................

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