Tuesday, December 27, 2011

VIDEO: Tales From The Television - The Teaser

Here is the video teaser for the brand new series 'Tales From The Television' in which robmacca will take you through a video journey of stories about the influence of television as he was growing up in Coventry.

The series will launch on Sunday 1st January 2012.......

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day Top 10 TV Viewing Figures - 2011

Christmas Day viewing figures proved to be good once again for the BBC, but ITV had plenty of festive cheer as Coronation Street and Downton Abbey were among the most watched programmes this Christmas. The Ad Fab special proved a hit with viewers later in the evening when Patsy and co returned once more, keeping 7.5m entertained.

The top ten most-watched programmes on Christmas Day were as follows:

1. EastEnders: 9.92m (33.4%) - BBC One
2. Coronation Street: 9.03m (32.8%) - ITV1
3. Doctor Who: 8.92m (34.2%) - BBC One
4. Downton Abbey: 8.13m (29.4%) - ITV1
5. Strictly Come Dancing: 7.52m (27.3%) - BBC One
6. Absolutely Fabulous: 7.43m (27.5%) - BBC One
7. The Gruffalo's Child - 6.47m (27.7%) - BBC One
8. Michael McIntyre's Christmas Roadshow: 6.45m (29.2%) - BBC One
9. The Queen - 6.29m (37.3%) - BBC One
10. Emmerdale - 6.24m (27.2%) - ITV1

(timeshift channel ratings not included in this list.)

Here is the Top 10 TV Xmas Day 2011 Peak Viewing Programmes List:

1. EastEnders - BBC One - 10.2 million peak (9.9 million average)
2. Coronation Street - ITV - 9.9 million (9.3 million)
3. Downton Abbey - ITV - 9.1 million (8.6 million)
4. Doctor Who - BBC One - 9 million (8.9 million)
5. Queen's Speech - BBC One and ITV - 8.2 million (8.2 million)
6. Strictly Come Dancing - BBC One - 8 million (7.5 million)
7. Absolutely Fabulous - BBC One - 7.9 million (7.4 million)
8. Emmerdale - ITV - 7.1 million (6.7 million)
9. All Star Family Fortunes - ITV - 6.9 million (6.4 million)
10= The Gruffalo's Child - BBC One - 6.8 million (6.5 million) and Michael
10= McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow - BBC One - 6.8 million (6.4 million)

(Source: BARB, based on 15-minute peaks and average viewers over entire shows)

Christmas Day 2011 Overnights - Full Roundup (from Digital Spy)

03:15- BBC News: 0.2m (14.4%)
06:00- Breakfast: 1.1m (31.4%)
09:00- The Nativity: 1.5m (16.3%)
10:00- Christmas Day Eucharist: 1.0m ( 9.3%)
11:00- Songs of Praise: 1.3m (10.4%)
11:40- Morecambe and Wise: Christmas Show 1971: 1.6m (12.8%)
12:35- Kung Fu Panda: 3.1m (24.1%)
14:00- Top of the Pops: 3.9m (28.1%)
15:00- The Queen: 6.3m (37.3%)
15:10- Monsters vs Aliens: 4.5m (27.4%)
16:35- BBC News: 4.6m (25.8%)
16:50- Ratatouille: 5.4m (26.7%)
18:30- The Gruffalo's Child: 6.5m (27.7%)
19:00- Doctor Who: 8.9m (34.2%)
20:00- Strictly Come Dancing: 7.5m (27.3%)
21:00- EastEnders: 9.9m (33.4%)
22:00- Absolutely Fabulous: 7.4m (27.5%)
22:30- Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow: 6.4m (29.2%)
23:35- BBC News: 3.8m (25.1%)
23:55- Have I Got a Bit More News For You: 1.5m (14.0%)
00:40- The Graham Norton Show: 0.8m (14.1%)
01:40- The Hot Chick: 0.5m (12.5%)

02:15- Spartacus: 0.2m (10.8%)
05:15- ITV Nightscreen: 0.1m ( 5.9%)
06:45- Special Agent Oso: 0.1m ( 3.4%)
06:55- Sooty: 0.1m ( 3.7%)
07:15- Annabel's Kitchen: 0.1m ( 2.6%)
07:30- Horrid Henry: 0.2m ( 5.0%)
07:45- The Borrowers: 0.8m (12.6%)
09:25- March of the Penguins: 1.5m (13.7%)
11:00- Miracle on 34th Street: 2.3m (18.5%)
13:05- ITV News and Weather: 2.0m (16.0%)
13:15- Aladdin: 1.8m (13.5%)
15:00- HM the Queen: 2.2m (12.8%)
* inc +1: 2.3m (13.9%)
15:10- Happy Feet: 2.9m (16.9%)
* inc +1: 3.2m (19.0%)
17:10- ITV News and Weather: 3.1m (16.5%)
* inc +1: 3.3m (17.6%)
17:30- New You've Been Framed!: 3.9m (19.3%)
* inc +1: 4.3m (21.1%)
18:00- Emmerdale: 6.2m (27.2%)
* inc +1: 6.7m (29.4%)
19:00- All Star Family Fortunes: 6.1m (23.5%)
* inc +1: 6.4m (24.4%)
20:00- Coronation Street: 9.0m (32.9%)
* inc +1: 9.3m (33.8%)
21:00- Downton Abbey: 8.1m (29.4%)
* inc +1: 8.6m (31.0%)
23:05- ITV News and Weather: 3.8m (18.6%)
* inc +1: 4.0m (19.6%)
23:20- Benidorm: 1.6m (12.3%)
00:35- The Comedy Annual: 0.4m ( 6.9%)
01:35- The Towering Inferno: 0.3m ( 8.0%)

07:10- Arthur: 0.1m ( 1.9%)
08:15- What's New Scooby-Doo?: 0.2m ( 3.5%)
08:35- Blue Peter: 0.2m ( 2.9%)
09:05- The Slammer: 0.2m ( 1.8%)
09:35- The Magic Roundabout: 0.5m ( 4.7%)
10:50- The Sword in the Stone: 1.3m (10.3%)
12:10- Alive's Adventures in Wonderland: 0.4m ( 3.1%)
14:10- A Musical Nativity with John Rutter: 0.3m ( 1.8%)
15:10- The Prince and the Composer: 0.4m ( 2.1%)
16:40- Dad's Army: 0.9m ( 5.2%)
17:10- Porridge: 1.8m ( 9.0%)
18:00- University Challenge: 2.1m ( 9.3%)
18:30- Darcey Bussell Dances Hollywood: 1.5m ( 6.1%)
20:00- Blackadder the Third: 1.7m ( 6.1%)
20:30- Blackadder the Third: 1.8m ( 6.4%)
21:00- The Toys That Made Christmas: 1.5m ( 5.3%)
22:30- James May's Man Lab: 0.7m ( 3.2%)
23:30- Victoria Wood with All the Trimmings: 0.7m ( 5.8%)
00:25- The Many Faces of Les Dawson: 0.3m ( 4.5%)
01:25- QI: 0.2m ( 5.2%)

Channel 4
02:00- Cee Lo Takes the UK: 0.1m ( 2.5%)
05:25- Brothers and Sisters: 0.1m ( 5.7%)
06:10- The Ugly Duckling and Me: 0.1m ( 5.3%)
07:40- The Simpsons: 0.2m ( 5.9%)
08:00- The Simpsons: 0.5m ( 8.7%)
08:30- James and the Giant Peach: 0.7m ( 8.2%)
10:00- Gordon's Christmas Cookalong Live: 1.2m ( 9.6%)
14:00- Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas: 1.5m (10.9%)
14:30- The Snowman: 1.2m ( 8.4%)
15:00- Celebrity Come Dine with Me: 1.0m ( 6.0%)
16:05- Channel 4 News: 0.9m ( 5.6%)
16:20- Deal or No Deal: Deal Panto: 1.5m ( 8.2%)
17:20- Big: 1.2m ( 5.3%)
19:15- Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs: 2.2m ( 8.0%)
21:00- Alan Carr: Chatty Man Christmas Special: 1.7m ( 5.9%)
22:00- Rude Tube: 1.5m ( 5.8%)
23:05- So This is Christmas: 0.5m ( 2.9%)
00:05- 8 Out of 10 Cats: 0.7m ( 7.6%)
01:10- American Football Live: 0.1m ( 1.4%)

Channel 5
07:00- The Milkshake! Show: 0.1m ( 2.3%)
07:25- Make Way for Noddy: 0.1m ( 2.2%)
07:45- Little Princess: 0.1m ( 2.1%)
08:25- Rupert Bear: 0.1m ( 1.3%)
08:45- Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom: 0.1m ( 1.2%)
09:00- Mist: The Tale of a Sheepdog Puppy: 0.3m ( 3.4%)
10:35- Animal Rescue Squad: 0.2m ( 1.9%)
10:55- Andre Rieu's Christmas Spectacular: 0.3m ( 2.7%)
11:55- Ice Road Truckers: 0.4m ( 3.4%)
12:55- Ice Road Truckers: 0.6m ( 4.6%)
14:00- Mrs Miracle 2: Miracle in Manhattan: 0.6m ( 4.2%)
15:45- Mrs Santa Claus: 0.6m ( 3.2%)
17:30- The Santa Suit: 0.7m ( 3.0%)
19:25- Christmas Card: 0.5m ( 1.8%)
21:05- Eddie Stobart: Trucks, Trailers and Tinsel: 0.7m ( 2.5%)
22:00- Britain's Favourite Christmas Songs: 0.5m ( 2.7%)

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UK Top 40 Christmas Chart 2011

The Military Wives sold a staggering 556,000 copies to claim the Christmas number one spot in the UK singles chart - that was more than the Top 12 combined and became the 60th official Christmas #1. X Factor winners Little Mix, had to settle for number two but can be content with being number one the week before.

1 (144) 2wks Wherever You Are MILITARY WIVES/GARETH MALONE
2 (1) 2wks Cannonball Little Mix
3 (132) 2wks Dominick The Donkey LOU MONTE
4 (NEW) 1wk Forever Yours ALEX DAY
5 (2) 9wks Paradise Coldplay
6 (3) 5wks Dance With Me Tonight Olly Murs
7 (6) 6wks Good Feeling Flo Rida
8 (4) 3wks Dedication To My Ex(Miss That) LLOYD FT ANDRE 3000 / LIL WAYNE
9 (7) 5wks Levels Avicii
10 (5) 12wks We Found Love Rihanna

11 (113) 189wks Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana
12 (18) 4wks Mama Do The Hump Rizzle Kicks
13 (13) 60wks Fairytale Of New York The Pogues ft Kirsty Maccoll
14 (9) 15wks Lego House Ed Sheeran
15 (14) 19wks Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5
16 (12) 9wks Earthquake Labrinth feat Tinie Tempah
17 (11) 61wks All I Want For Christmas Mariah Carey
18 (15) 6wks Take Care DRAKE FT RIHANNA
19 (16) 16wks Sexy And I Know It LMFAO
20 (20) 10wks The One That Got Away Katy Perry

21 (24) 15wks What Makes You Beautiful One Direction
22 (35) 5wks You Da One RIHANNA
23 (23) 11wks Love On Top Beyonce
24 (10) 3wks 5 O'Clock T-PAIN / WIZ KHALIFA / LILY ALLEN
25 (43) 18wks Heart Skips a Beat Olly Murs ft Rizzle Kicks
26 (21) 23wks Who You Are Jessie J
27 (NEW) 1wk Driving Home For Christmas Stacey Solomon
28 (25) 10wks Mistletoe Justin Bieber
29 (40) 10wks Video Games Lana Del Rey
30 (32) 30wks Jar of Hearts Christina Perri
31 9(29) 7wks Marry The Night Lady Gaga
32 (26) 8wks It Will Rain Bruno Mars

33 (NEW) 1wk Last Christmas The Cast of The Only Way Is Essex
34 (28) 28wks Last Christmas WHAM!
35 (34) 5wks Nothing's Real But Love Rebecca Ferguson
36 (53) 23wks Driving Home For Christmas Chris Rea
37 (36) 7wks Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Slow Moving Millie
38 (31) 28wks I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday Wizzard
39 (30) 8wks Fight For You Jason Derulo
40 (37) 32wks Merry Xmas Everybody Slade

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Blur To Perform At Brit Awards 2012

Blur will be performing at the Brit Awards 2012 as they pick up their 'Outstanding Achievement Award', it has been confirmed. The band's bassist Alex James told XFM radio listeners, "We're going to play, which is brilliant, it's like putting the Blues Brothers back together."

The chart topping band won four Brit Awards while at the top of their career with 'Parklife', taking home best album, best single, best video and best group in 1995. Blur reformed briefly in the summer of 2009, including an emotional performance at Glastonbury (see video below) - but fans were left wanting more after the Britpop band went their separate ways once again.

Alex James remained tight lipped about the future prospects of  Blur returning to the music world with a tour or new songs as he spoke to XFM, "Well, lets hope - heritage year next year..... be good wouldn't it? I wish I could tell you more. I'm sure it will happen one day but I don't know when. It's quite nice to keep it special."

Blur return to Glastonbury 2009 with 'She's So High'

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

NME TV Closing Down

Fans of 'real' music will be disappointed to learn that NME TV will go off air forever on Thursday 5th January 2012 after owners decided to pull the plug on the music network.

Smaller advertising revenues and low viewing figures of less than 50,000 meant CSC Media Group could not operate the channel without incurring growing losses. The station first broadcast over four years ago and has been the home of rock, indie and Britpop since it's launch on 22nd November 2007. NME magazine and NME radio are not affected by the decision to cease broadcasting NME TV.

R.I.P NME TV - we'll miss you!

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Madonna To Perform At Super Bowl 2012

It has been revealed that Madonna will be singing during the half time section of the 2012 Super Bowl Final, eight years after Janet Jackson suffered a 'wardrobe malfunction' during the same event when as she sang with Justin Timberlake.

Although Madonna has been quiet lately on the music scene, the 53 year old singer is expected to make an explosive return with her next single 'Masterpiece' - which is expected to be on her new album and forms part of the soundtrack for her film W.E.

Madonna will perform on Sunday 5th February 2012 at the Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, with a massive global audience and 111 million tuning in from the USA last year, it will be the perfect promotion for W.E. - which will be released two days before.

Madonna - Masterpiece

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Coldplay Set For Coventry Ricoh Arena

Coventry Ricoh Arena will be kicking off the Coldplay 2012 tour on Tuesday 29th May 2012, it will be the chart topping bands only Midlands date and is expected to sell out when tickets go on sale on Friday 18th November 2011. Chris Martin and the band are only performing a few dates while in the UK, including London Emirates Stadium (June 1, 2), Sunderland Stadium of Light (June 7th) and Manchester Etihad Stadium (June 9th).

Coldplay have enjoyed massive worldwide success since their debut album in 2000 with 'Parachutes' (2.3m in UK), their latest album 'Mylo Xyloto' went to number one in thirty two countries on it's release recently. 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' sold 2.6m copies in the UK with 'X And Y' not far behind on 2.3m.

Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday November 18 through www.gigsandtours.com (0844 854 1360), http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/ (0844 847 2312), http://www.ticketline.co.uk/ (0844 888 9991) and http://www.ticketfactory.com/ (0844 581 9900).

For further information and to book hospitality packages at the Ricoh Arena email coldplayvip@ricoharena.com, telephone 0844 873 6310 or log on to http://www.ricoharena.com/

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Saturday, October 08, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD: Sharliza Jelita - Breaks My Heart In Two

Sharliza Jelita - Artwork by Ben Chisnall
Click on me to download Breaks My Heart In Two.

Have you ever loved a star so much you listen to them every day, stare at their pictures, watch their videos, consume every piece of literature you can find on them, start a fanclub, and carve their name into your arm at a school assembly? That sums up Sharliza Jelita's past obsession with Thom Yorke and Radiohead in her teens. It is his birthday this month (Oct 7th) so Sharliza's present Breaks My Heart In Two, a song about unrequited love just like ‘Creep’. While he made a lot of money with his composition – his first house was christened ‘the house that Creep built’ – Sharliza won’t with hers, as she is giving away Breaks My Heart in Two for free on Soundcloud. Enjoy… it’s a bright, catchy cross between Indonesian keroncong, Trojan calypso and No Surprises. You’ll hum it as you’re doing the dishes. This track will be on her upcoming album Strange Things.

Sharliza Jelita - Breaks My Heart In Two
by -Sharliza Jelita-

The recent gig at the Water Rats turned out mad and solo – James and Bob the homeless cat turned up but weren’t allowed in the venue so Sharliza had to make do with an impromptu photoshoot and my other mechanical animals called Rabbit, Pussy and Doggy! Nick Miners was on hand to capture a sanitized version of events. Catch Sharliza's next London gigs at Oxjam Islington Takeover at Wenlock & Essex on Oct 22nd and a Halloween party with the Good Suns at the Good Ship in Kilburn on Oct 29th.

Michael Jackson's The Wiz

Sharliza Jelita at the Water Rats in a mask
LED dress from Cutecircuit, mask from Spitalfields, bling from Hamburg, person from Singapore

VISIT: http://www.sharliza.com/

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Mercury Award Winner 2011: P J Harvey

For the first time in the history of the Mercury Prize Award, PJ Harvey was announced as the winner for the second time. The 41 year-old singer said she had been inspired to write 'Let England Shake' by the horror of war. She first won the Mercury Prize back in 2001, but due to the 9/11 attacks she was unable to attend the award ceremony in London. PJ Harvey beat  Adele, Tinie Tempah, Katy B and Elbow to win the prestigious prize.

PJ Harvey told the audience, "This album took me a long time to write. It was very important to me. I wanted to make something meaningful, not just for myself but for other people, and hopefully to make something that would last."


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Saturday, August 13, 2011

VIDEO: Pint Shot Riot - Twisted Soul

The video for 'Twisted Soul' by well known Coventry band Pint Shot Riot has been released this week and features some familiar Coventry locations. Directed by Dino Kazamia (who also directed PSR's 'Hazy Days' and 'Somebody Save Me') and starring James Bird  - the video follows a young man on his way home. We all know walking home on your own late at night can be dangerous, and 'Twisted Soul' delivers an interesting end to that night out. The track has been featured on the FIFA 12 soundtrack and fans can buy 'Twisted Soul' on CD from 12th September 2011. Another great tune from our very own Pint Shot Riot!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

VIDEO: Sharliza Jelita - No Go Pogo

Life can get a bit heavy at times, that's why it is always good to step back and enjoy yourself. Sharliza Jelita is one of those people who doesn't take life too seriously, being zany actually keeps you sane!

While at Warwick University, Sharliza was often seen jumping around at various venues with her band The Rrrs. The energy on stage oozed out into the audience and always left a favourable impression. After finishing at uni the reality of work and making a living came home and the band went their separate ways. Yet the desire to perform never left Sharliza, who yearned for a return to the stage.

The video above is a triumphant return to the music world - with Sharliza on vocals, you don't just get a song ..... you get theatre and a performance worth watching again and again. We need people like Sharliza to help us escape the woes of this world and just enjoy life. No Go Pogo is the perfect summer song you could skip through the fields singing along too or blast out as you are getting ready for a night out with friends.

The world would be a much happier, creative place if we could have a few more people like Sharliza Jelita. So if you ever need cheering up, buy this song and blast it out because you are guaranteed to feel happier after a dose of Sharliza - just what the doctor ordered!

Buy 'No Go Pogo' on Amazon for just 69p!
Visit: http://www.sharliza.com/ for more details

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mercia Radio Leaving Coventry Behind

 Coventry's legendary Mercia radio station is dumping the city in favour of Birmingham after 31 years in the heart of Coventry. Top presenters like John Dalziel (JD) and Andy Goulding will be forced to move across to the Birmingham BRMB studio. Mercia owners Orion Media, which bought the station from GCap Media in June 2009, released a statement saying, "Mercia will of course continue to serve Coventry and Warwickshire with local output specifically made for the area throughout the majority of the day."

JD - star of the Breakfast Show on Mercia

For news reporters it will mean re-applying for their jobs as Orion Media will be cutting the number of journalists from 10 to 8 across the West Midlands, resulting in less local stories from Coventry. Mercia will also have less programmes designated to the people of Coventry and Warwickshire as it seeks to reduce costs by broadcasting programmes across BRMB and Mercia. The station will no longer have it's own mid morning show, the first casualty of the cuts being enforced by Orion Media.

Many people will remember the launch of Mercia Sound in Coventry on May 23rd 1980, offering a new independent sound to the area. The station quickly became popular, broadcasting for 19 hours daily and allowing listeners to pop into the Hertford Place studio and place requests. DJ Stuart Linnell was the presenter of the 'Afternoon Delight' show, which aired between 1pm and 4pm weekdays as well as the 'Sportacular' programme on Saturdays.
Stuart reacted to the news about Mercia moving out of Coventry by saying, "While I understand that things change and economically times are tough, I note Mercia's move out of Coventry with some sadness, it was a great place to work and I was proud to be part of the Day One team at Mercia Sound (as it then was) and, later, Mercia's Programme Controller and Managing Director."

Mercia Sound - the early presenters from May 1980

Stuart Linnell went on to recount some of his memories at Mercia, "I remember several thousand people surrounding the building when Cliff Richard stopped by for a live interview one afternoon, a similar response when The Bee Gees were there and a massive crowd that turned up from nowhere when Bob Geldof came in with no prior on-air announcement.

Not to mention the hilarious afternoon that the rising young TV star Michael Barrymore was introduced to his co-star in that year's Coventry Theatre panto, Lenny The Lion, or the day Pete Waterman spent recording a 6-part series telling his life story and the memorable moment that Dave Jamieson interrupted his programme to announce the sinking of HMS Coventry at the Falklands."

Although Stuart now works for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, he very much enjoyed his time at Mercia recalling when,  "an unsuspecting Bernie Keith was "arrested" live on-air by Coventry police in the midst of interviewing David "Kid" Jensen who then took over and presented the rest of Bernie's Breakfast Show.Then there were the superb events we held there during the year - the annual Cathedral Carol Service after-party, the Snowball Appeal "radiothon", the sports forums and live music events."

When Trinity Media took over the Coventry Telegraph and eventually moved production of the newspaper out of the city, many local people felt the newspaper had lost it's heart and ceased being a truly local newspaper. Now listeners may begin to feel the same about Mercia radio when it moves to Birmingham. Already a Facebook page has been set up entitled 'Keep Mercia In Coventry'.

For me personally, I remember the launch of Mercia Sound in 1980. As a Coventry kid we loved being able to pop into the studio and look around and the "220 Medium Wave" jingle would never leave our memory. Everywhere you went around Coventry you would see Mercia Sound car stickers, and although we never owned a car - I proudly displayed mine in my bedroom window!

The original leaflet about the Mercia Sound launch, May 1980

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

VIDEO: Melanie C 'Rock Me'

Here is the brand new video by Melanie C for 'Rock Me', along with the lyrics and photo shoot for the new single. Rock Me will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on June 24th 2011 as part of ZDF's FIFA Women's World Cup broadcast. Fans worldwide will be able to purchase the tracks via iTunes around the same date.

Melanie C - 'Rock Me' Lyrics:

Rock Me baby, Rock Me baby, Rock Me baby

Rock Me baby, Rock me better into the beat
You make me wanna throw my hands into the air, air, air
Rock Me baby, Rock me take me over
Come on let’s go everybody throw your hands in the air, air, air

Waiting, for you
will you do, what I want you?
Beautiful fever, taking me, deeper
I lose myself, in myself
I’ll meet you there, in another world
Hear the crowd, feel the drums
Here we go, come on, come on

Stronger, deeper, music, set me free
Beating, faster, music, remedy

Speed of sound,in my head
Spinning round, levitate of the ground
Gettin’ up, gettin’ down
Let me see you jump now

Stronger, deeper, music, set me free
Beating, faster, music, remedy

Rock Me baby, Rock Me e baby, Rock Me (in the air)
Rock Me baby, Rock Me e baby, Rock Me (get up)
Rock Meeeeeeeee, Rock Meeeeeeeee
Rock Meeeeeeeee, Rock Meeeeeeeee

Stronger, deeper, music, set me free
Beating, faster, music, remedy

Rock me baby

* More updates on MelanieC.net

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Monday, June 06, 2011

Coventry's Got Style With Stylusboy's New EP

Stylusboy - Whole Picture

Having just worked all night, the last thing I thought I would be doing was writing a review about a new EP. Yet my love for all things Cov means I'll give a shout out if something good comes along.

Coventry born Steve Jones (aka Stylusboy) has just released his third album - Whole Picture, which was the perfect easy listening album to play while unwinding after a hard nights labour. I had just been expecting guitar and solo vocals but this EP also features the backing vocals of Rachel Grisedale and much more than just a guitar! The two vocals compliment each other and make the album a pleasure to have on while relaxing as the blend of modern day folk music soaks gently into your ears. Beyond The Flags is the outstanding track from the Whole Picture EP. Stylusboy has scored a winner with this tune, and deserves to be up there with such artists like Danny and the Champions of the World. Steve and Rachel should be very proud of their songs and Coventry are fortunate to have such talent. If you get the chance, check out Stylusboy's website and order whatever tacks you like, or see him performing at a local gig (if you ask nicely he might even come around your house and perform for you and your friends!) There is a limited Whole Picture CD available for those who prefer something a little more physical.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The End Of Glee

It looks like hit TV programme Glee will be disappearing from our TV screens in the very near future as Channel 4 have refused to pay double the price for the third series. Glee fans will still be able to watch the next series, but they will need to be subscribers to Sky because it will no longer be aired on E4. A Channel 4 spokesman said: "By not renewing the Glee deal, we are freeing up huge amounts of budget to invest in homegrown programming, British talent and of course continuing to discover and showcase what the US has to offer. We are particularly thrilled to have recently acquired The Killing."

For more details on the story, visit the Guardian website.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

VIDEO: Pint Shot Riot - Somebody Save Me

Coventry's Pint Shot Riot are back with another cracking tune, the lads have even made a naughty video for the song (Coventry people might recognise a few of the places!) The video features Guy Jenkins and Amy Rudge and was directed by Dino Kazamia - Rocket has been a very naughty boy, as you will see in the video below!. The single, Somebody Save Me is available from iTunes for just 79p and on CD from HMV for £1.99.

Pint Shot Riot have also released their debut album, entitled 'Spell It Out' - available at HMV for £9.99 (with DVD of Coventry Kasbah gig) or £7.99 (without DVD) at iTunes.
The review sums Pint Shot Riot up perfectly: Produced by Peter Miles (King Blues, Crazy Arm), the album narrates stories of life and love in today's Britain. The CD also includes a live DVD featuring one of the bands sell-out hometown shows at Coventry's 1000 capacity venue Kasbah.

The band have recently returned from New York where they performed at Webster Hall and the Mercury Lounge to promote their last single 'Hazy Days'. Pint Shot Riot will return to the USA to perform at SXSW in March 2011.

The next single 'Somebody Save Me', is a typically riotous affair which grabs instantly from its pulsating introduction, holds on with its infectious chorus and doesn't let go until the final chord is struck.

Pint Shot Riot have cut their teeth performing with bands such as Band Of Skulls, Athlete, We Are Scientists, Pete Doherty, The Twang, Cage The Elephant, Glasvegas and fellow Coventry locals, The Enemy. Pint Shot Riot's music has reaches millions of people across the world, with various songs featuring on the video games 'Need for Speed Hot Pursuit', 'Need For Speed Nitro', 'FIFA 2010', 'Fight Night Round 4' and 'The Sims 3'.

Truly a band on the rise, Pint Shot Riot's 'Spell It Out' is a must for anyone in need of honest, and fresh guitar driven indie-rock.

Pint Shot Riot - Somebody Save Me

Album Tracklisting for Spell It Out:

Disc 1

1. Somebody Save Me

2. Not Thinking Straight

3. Nothing From You

4. Twisted Soul

5. Ain't No Fun

6. Hazy Days

7. Money

8. Hold On

9. Come Back To Me

10. Starting To Fly

11. Six Years Three Weeks

12. Sing A Song For Me

Disc 2

1. Live At The Kasbah Club Coventry [DVD]

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blue Enter Eurovision Song Contest For UK

This year the UK will be represented by former chart topping band Blue. The four lads have reformed and performed several gigs recently, after splitting up in 2005.

Blue have sold over 13 million records, including three number 1 hit singles with 'If You Come Back', 'Too Close' and 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word' - a duet with Elton John in December 2002.

Last year the UK came last with just 10 points and this will be the first time the UK public have not chosen the artist to represent them. The Eurovision Song Contest final on May 14th 2011 and will be shown on BBC1 with the two semi-final shows on BBC3 during the week.
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