Monday, September 17, 2007

The Enemy: Coventry Telegraph Interview

COVENTRY band The Enemy are set for another big hit with a new single inspired by the city's declining car industry.

The single - You're Not Alone - is in the shops from Monday and industry experts are tipping the band to again hit the top 10, or even the top the charts.

The track is taken from the number one album We'll Live and Die in These Towns.

Speaking during a break in filming for Channel 4 show Transmission, singer Tom Clarke told the Telegraph how the end of car manufacturing in Coventry had played a part in the writing of the single.
He said the song was inspired by touring the country and seeing first-hand how grassroots industry was dying in major cities.

The firebrand singer instantly saw the parallels with Coventry's dying car industry and the song was born.
He said: "When we went on our first ever tour with The Paddingtons we'd be going to all these places like Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds and saw all these similar situations to Coventry - the remnants of industry, what used to be people's jobs."

Although the song could hit number one, Tom says there are more important things than chart placings.
He said: "It's nice to know that people care enough to buy it but it's never about chart positions for me. I get more out of e-mails from people saying how much the songs mean to them."

It's been a sensational year so far for the band, scoring a number one album, playing all of the major festivals, including Glastonbury and V, and even supporting the legendary Rolling Stones at London's 02 Arena.

But Tom says the highlight was the band's homecoming performance at Coventry's Godiva Festival.
He said: "I think just walking out on to the stage at Godiva, to thousands of people, was the highlight. The hairs were standing up on the back of my neck for the whole gig."

You're Not Alone is released on Monday. Interview from the Coventry Telegraph.

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      I have some fre minutes right now so hought I'd visit your blog after some months, believe me I would chck it every day as I used to but University requieres most of time, it's big change but I think i's a good one, we might talk about that anytime soon.

      I'm gladand a bit surprised to see that you'e sill supportng The Enemy, that's amazing, I'm amazed because of their success I mean the'veachived a lot and I hopethey carry on like that because I'm sure they're talented (I'm not a huge fan of bands like them but I do know how fair it is for them to have uccess beause they like music)

      I'm glad I could visit your blog tonight 'cos I had been feeling worried about reading it, I didn't want you to think I had forgoten it or you becase you knwo you're a special friend for me and well mayberight now we haven't ben able to talk that often because of my hecticschedule but I'm sure we'll talk soon.

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