Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spice Girls Tour Dates

These are the first official pictures of the Spice Girls as they met the worlds press to announce their World Tour dates.


Los Angeles - 7 December
Las Vegas - 8 December
New York - 11 December
London - 15 December
Cologne - 20 December
Madrid - 23 December
Beijing - 10 January
Hong Kong - 12 January
Sydney - 17 January
Cape Town - 20 January
Buenos Aires - 24 January

You can register for tickets on the official Spice Girls website : The Spice Girls Official Website

There are a collection of NEW Spice Girls pictures taken before the press conference over on robmaccaEXTRA , just click that link to view them.


  1. I thought they'd visit more countries but anyway they chose good locations I guess, I signed up for LA ticktes but I still don't know if my dad will let me go.

  2. Spelling mistakes: it's Los Angeles, Koln (english name Cologne) and Beijing.

  3. Thanks electra for bringing the spelling mistakes to my attention - I'd posted that topic really quickly in the midst of all the excitement!

    Edited the topic now with the correct spelling :-)


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