Thursday, December 20, 2007

David Beckham Questioned Over Car Theft

David Beckham naked

David Beckham has only been in the country a few days and already he's in trouble with the police (well almost!). Of course we'll exploit the story and post a naked picture of David Beckham just to make it even more interesting!

The story goes like this: David Beckham was driving his 4x4 Range Rover through Epping, Essex and was pulled over by the police who were investigating several thefts of 4x4's. David pulled into a hotel car park , opened his window and spoke to officers who checked out his vehicle. Within a few seconds David Beckham was able to continue on his journey.

It would have made a far more interesting story if David and Victoria Beckham were parked in the hotel car park late at night and police shine a light into the Beckham's car to find Victoria Beckham performing a sex act on her husband late at night.

David and Victoria get raunchy

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