Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Enemy: HMV Coventry

Tom and Liam in full flow

The Enemy returned home to Coventry for a special performance and signing session at HMV for the fans from their home city. The 200 wristbands had all been snapped up within 10 minutes of the store opening on Monday, showing just how popular The Enemy now are. Three months earlier the band performed at the same HMV store but this time they were about to perform as their debut album "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" shoots straight into the number one position in the UK album chart on Sunday.

The Enemy performing at HMV Coventry

It seemed I was going to have to miss out this time around because by the time I got to HMV on Monday after delivering the post, all the wristbands had gone. Yet some how, and I don't know how it happened exactly - I was contacted by Liam Watts (the drummer) and put on the guest list. Words can't describe how privileged and humbled I felt to be able to be able to attend this performance and share in the success of The Enemy, who have done so much for Coventry and the people who live here. After missing their exclusive AOL performance in London (see previous blog topic: "The Enemy Session:How It All Went Wrong") this performance, and being able to get the best view I'd ever had of The Enemy really made up for it.

Andy, Tom and Liam prepare to sign and sign and sign....

The Enemy - "40 Days and 40 Nights" -opening song.

The Enemy - "Away From Here"

The Enemy - "Had Enough" - closing song.
My only sad part at the event was being a bit star struck as I chatted with the lads as they signed my vynal copy of their album and the CD sleeve - in the excitement I left (or dropped) my CD sleeve after it had been signed so when I got outside the store I couldn't find it. Totally gutted that I don't have my signed CD cover and can't even sing along to the tunes anymore!

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