Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Rrrs @ Golden Cross, Coventry

The Rrrs rolling @ the Golden Cross, Coventry

The Rrrs are possibly THE most entertaining band to watch on stage and never fail to leave me feeling all happy inside when I watch them perform. Normally you'd expect a group of Warwick Students to be all stuck up or aloof but nothing could be further from the truth, Sharliza, Les and Rowan are the most down to earth, chilled out people I know and make live music fun to watch and listen.

There is a certain chemistry between Sharliza and the band, which allows her to be able to politely kick Les and Rowan in the balls - and still get away with it! If you've ever seen The Rrrs live then you'll know what I mean, you not only get a collection of fast indie songs but you get a free stage show as well. Blinking is not allowed as you'll miss the on stage antics between the band members, the high point being at the end of the set as Sharliza grabbed Rowen's nuts and then stood over Les (as he lay on the floor) beating him with her guitar. Now that's Rock 'n' Roll!

The Rrrs put the fun back into music and even the stand in drummer gave 110% last night. The two videos below give you an idea of their solid performance as a band. It would be a great shame not to see them still performing over the coming months because they still do not have a regular drummer, so if you know anybody who can fit the bill, drop them a message on their MySpace or on Facebook.

It was also a credit to see a new band performing their first gig last night, Paris Riots. It is never easy standing in front of family and friends performing but these lads did a great job. Check them out at : http://www.myspace.com/parisriots

The Rrrs @ Golden Cross, Coventry.

The Rrrs "Is That Your Underwear?"

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