Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Ripps Weekend

The Ripps brightened up a very wet and windy Bank Holiday in their double bill performance, first locally at Birmingham's Barfly venue on Sunday and then down at The Pressure Point in Brighton on Monday.

The least said about the sound problems in Birmingham the better (not The Ripps fault!), thankfully the other acts, The Officers and The Priory were top quality and made it an entertaining night. Did I mention the rain...........................

Monday night it was all the way down south to Brighton's The Pressure Point, where The Ripps were headlining. By golly they gave a performance and a half - no sound problems this time around!

From the very first cord to the closing lyric, Rachel, Raul and Patch gave 100% effort,energy and zeal - demonstrating exactly why the sound of The Ripps is so infectious. We the crowd, could have stayed all night but alas the venue did need to shut for the night but we were spoilt with an extra song at the end ("Too Much Too Young").

The Bank Holiday weekend was eventually danced away at the Candy Bar in Brighton to a host of indie tunes with a crowd that were very much up for the party, but by 2am - this old dog had partied enough for one night and was heard moaning inside a 24 hour grocery store about the cost of Polo's (45p ................... shocking!).

Tuesday morning it was rise and shine early as the coach home was 10am, no wonder I look so rough in the picture above!

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  1. seem slike u had a nice Bank day mate, it must've been awful to have a rainny day on the day of the concert. I think you look really gorgeous in the last pic :)


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