Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Ripptastic Story

Once upon a time there was a guy called robmacca

robmacca discovered a Coventry band, The Ripps who had some great music.

So robmacca ordered some t-shirts from the band

Then one day Patch Ripp and James delivered them to robmacca's house

Then they surprised him by giving him lots of stickers and some "Holiday" postcards

As a way of thanking him, they gave him a CD with lots of bonus album tracks on

robmacca wanted to cry when he saw all the kindness shown by The Ripps

Never had an artist or "celebrity" done so much for someone so little like robmacca

They even signed the postcards as an added surprise

Finally robmacca had his very own "I ♥ Cov " t-shirts to wear

robmacca went to bed one happy Ripps fan


(just another chapter)


  1. Wow, i didnt know they did all that for you rob.
    I would kill for that cd LOL.
    Ripps biggest fan?

  2. The Ripps are great and so caring of all their fans.

    I've no idea who the biggest fan is, I just follow them cos I love their music and proud of what they do for Coventry.

    2007 was a great year for The Ripps and I hope 2008 proves to be another successful year.


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