Tuesday, April 24, 2007

robmacca investigates: "It's Not OK" Royal Mail

In this special video, robmacca looks behind the scenes to find out just what is happening to the Post Office in a place like Coventry. What the investigation uncovers makes grim viewing and inspired by The Enemy's "It's Not OK" we see how Royal Mail want to tear out the heart of Coventry and trample on it's workers and customers as they continue in their race to the bottom..........


  1. This sounds quite serious, I don't think Royal Mail should disappear because it's really valueable for your country + it was founded by the Queen.

  2. Interesting video Rob.

    From a business point of view, I agree that this will inevitably lead to a poorer service.

    At the moment we have 2 collections a day from Royal Mail.

    1 is for pre-sorted items which go straight to NDC in Crick.

    The other is for unsorted items which go to Bishop St for sorting.

    We also have the option of being able to deliver mail in to Bishop St any time up till 7pm for processing.

    Presumably if the mail is going to be transported to Northampton our collection time will be earlier.

    It would not be cost effective for us to deliver mail to Northampton later in the day.

    This will actually make Downstream Access providers like UK Mail more attractive to us, as they will offer later collections which will be transported direct to their Birmingham sorting office.

    It does seem to me that Royal Mail have a long term plan to significantly reduce the amount of mail they actually collect - it seems their strategy is to encourage the use of DSA providers who deliver to them.

    I do wonder if one day Royal Mail will simply become a delivery agent rather than offering collection and delivery – moves like this, and also the reduction in their sales team, would suggest this is what they are aiming towards.

  3. Some good points there Gareth - I think alot goes on behind the scenes for the bigger picture. Sadly the end result is a picture alot different from todays postal service,


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