Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Victoria Beckham Book Signing *exclusive pics*

- robmacca, happy with his "Extra Half An Inch"- The massive crowd are filmed at Selfridges

- Victoria still smiling after 2 hours constant book signing
-Posh Spice makes plenty of eye contact with the fans

- A blurred picture of Victoria as the escalator moves up and away

It was a day to remember as I finally met Victoria Beckham at the launch of her book "That Extra Half An Inch" at Selfridges, London. As reported on robmacca a few days ago, we knew it was going to be busy - but we didn't expect a queue of around 1,000 to wait patiently for their copy of the book to be signed and to meet Victoria.

The back room soon filled up and got quite hot, but credit is due to Selfridges staff who handed out free bottles of water and kept the fans informed of what was happening during the evening. When I was buying my copies of the book, I heard a lady on the phone saying Victoria would be doing the signing from 6pm til 7pm. I wasn't worried til I saw the crowds ever growing, but as I saw familiar faces from various forums, I grew happier.

Once the signing started the queue didn't seem to move for a long time, I know Victoria likes to talk to the fans and was having pictures taken with fans as well as signing all copies of her book. We were informed Victoria would be signing til 8pm, which is when the store closes. But it was already evident by the slow moving queue, that not everyone would get to see her. Then our Posh herself said she'd stay til 9pm, but now it would just be a quick signature as she wanted to see everyone.

My coach back home was at 9pm and it was touch and go if I'd make it, but thankfully I got to see Victoria. The staff were friendly and organised and Victoria looked totally radiant. I said hello as she started signing the books, to which she looked up and gave me a chirpy "hello" back. Then I said: "Your hands must be aching by now!", she gave a little smile and replied, "it's ok, I'll be finished soon".

The two books were signed and it was time to say thank you and move on to let the next person have their 10 seconds with Posh Spice.


  1. Aww I love to see people smiling :D and hey mate you've got a nice smile; it's one of the best pics I've ever seen about you hopefully I'll be able to see that smile live one day ;)

  2. I hate that pic of me - way too close ..... you can see how ugly I really am.

    If you see my smile in real life, you get to see my "laughter lines" as well as a bonus!

  3. I know this will sound fake mate but it's real; I think men's laughter lines are cute and sexy (in your case) and also I love the pic and if you say you're "ugly" then I'm crazy beause I like "ugly" guys.


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