Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google - The New "Big Brother" ?

Is Google the new "Big Brother" of the internet?

With millions of hits a day and now with the new acquisition of YouTube, you can't help but feel that Google has become the new "Big Brother" of the internet along side Microsoft.

We all know that Google remove porn links in it's Top 10's "Most Searched", but do you know just how much companies like Google really know about YOU and your time online? It's rather scary that Google itself has been the target of hackers who have posted fake messages on their Blog. Now a new threat is at hand as hackers try to manipulate the Code Search service used by Google.

A number of blogs frequented by coders have already posted a litany of amusing search terms which resulted in comic hits, usually amounting to criticism of coders or 'notes to self' that were presumably never meant to be seen.

Some of the less offensive search terms that return hits on the Google Code Search database include 'In Case Some Idiot', 'The Guy Who Wrote This' and 'I am drunk'.

Scared? You should be!


  1. wow this is quite weird and spooky :s but in the end I suI shouldn't be scared of my "web life" because it's who I really am and sooner or later someone will know it.

  2. For me, it's not where people go or what people do online that alarms me.

    What does scare me is the fact a few companies have such dominance online and are controlling more and more how we use the net.


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