Monday, October 09, 2006

Mel B in London

According to the News of the World, Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) is apparently cheating on Eddie Murphy.
She was seen at the Electric Cinema in London, before leaving the club at 2.30am and linking arms with the man as they departed.

She was probably just out with a good friend with whom she danced with and sat with all night - no crime there, unless you get photographed by the NOTW.

Pity the press can't leave her alone while she visits the UK.


  1. Wow that's quite weird, especially because I always thought that Mel B was a good girl. But anyway we don't know if it's true, maybe he's just a close friend as the article says.

  2. I don't believe that story for one minute - She'd be mad to do such a thing.

    I believe she's happy with Eddy Murphy as my earlier Blog topic showed.

  3. haha! and what really concerns me is that some muppet gets paid for writing such things!

  4. If any tabloid newspapers are reading this, feel free to contact me and I'll gladly write any old shit for you.

    If you need proof I can do the job, just read my Blog - it goes on and on.............


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