Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm Meeting Victoria Beckham!

Meet Victoria Beckham in store at 6pm on Monday 30 October when she launches her style guide "That Extra Inch and a Half" exclusively at Selfridges.

She will be signing copies of her new book in the Central Atrium on the Lower Ground Floor.

I've just booked my ticket to London and I'm gonna be there - even if I don't get anything signed, I'll have finally met Victoria Beckham!


  1. OMG!! that's amazing mate, I would be over cloud nine if I was about to meet her. You're really lucky! Hope you acn post some pics. A friend of my sister's friend met her at Starbucks coffee in Spain.

  2. oh cool!

    i met her back in 1999 and she was lovely; would like to know if Ego has obscured her personality now.

    or am i being too harsh?

  3. I'll try and get a picture or two on my mobile, but I'm guessing it's all going to be very rushed.

    Yeah Ben, I should imagine herpublic image has changed alot since 1999 - she knows how to milk the press and has perfected her famous pout now!


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