Friday, October 20, 2006

Melanie "bump" Brown Moves Into Eddie's Pad!

Watch the video of Eddie Murphy outside the Hyde nightclub in Hollywood this week as reporters congratulated him on the news that his girlfriend, former Spice Girl, Melanie Brown is expecting his baby (or babies!). According to, someone says "Hey Eddie! Congrats on the baby if that's true," Eddie looks back and flashes a curious smirk, before climbing into an awaiting car.

This is on top of news that Melanie Brown is already showing a "little bump" according to friends. A Los Angeles based friend of the former Spice Girl has confirmed earlier news about Mel B's pregnancy and revealed she has moved into Eddie’s Hollywood home.

"They are delighted and Mel hasn't stopped grinning. She has a little bump already, but it will be pretty obvious soon."

"She's hardly left his side for four months. She's now moving into his house officially so they can really become a family."


  1. wow then it's true! I'm glad to hear that.

  2. Time will tell - it seems like the media are going wild this week for all things Mel B!

    P.S. - thanks for the email, having a hectic few days so not had chance to reply yet.


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