Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Celebrity Tattoo's

Guess the 5 Celebrity Tattoo's:

1. She has a mind of her own, even though her husband is famous!

2. He likes to score with his lady!

3. She could score with the ladies!!

4. She could get into hot coles for that one.

5. He is in full bloom here.

Did you can guess all 5?


1.Victoria Beckham, 2. David Beckham, 3. Melanie C, 4. Cheryl Tweedy/Cole, 5. Orlando Bloom

Well done to Norm who got ALL five right and a good try by Charles in Mexico.

Andy's sister also managed to guess all 5 today as she was sat by my laptop!


  1. 1. Posh
    2. Becks
    3. Melanie C
    4. Cheryl Cole
    5. Orlando Bloom

  2. I agree with the norm about Posh, Becks and Mel C, I'm not sure about 4 and 5 :P

  3. I'll reveal the answers by the end of the weekend!

  4. Well done Norm and very close Charles!


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