Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Chav Rich List

1. David & Victoria Beckham £87m
2. Jordan & Peter Andre £30m
3. Wayne Rooney & Coleen McLoughlin £20m
4. Steven Gerrard & Alex Curran £13m
5. Charlotte Church & Gavin Henson £10m
6. Ashley & Cheryl Cole £10m
7. Jade Goody £4.5m
8. Jodie Marsh £2m
9. Kerry Katona £2m
10. Jessie Wallace £1.5m
David & Victoria Beckham £87m:

Undoubtedly the King and Queen of planet Chav, Vic and Dave are the ultimate in nouveaux riches. But as Becks has proved with lucrative deals from Adidas, Pepsi, Police sunglasses and Diesel, not passing exams at school doesn’t equate to a poor business sense.

In fact, Brand Beckham has earned a whopping £17.3 million in the past year alone. Becks signed a three-year £40 million promotional deal with Gillette in 2004.
Add this to his £116,000-a-week contract with Real Madrid (£6 million a year) and you’re looking at £50 million generated for the Beckhams’ company Footwork - directors of which include Victoria and her father, Tony Adams.

Posh has a personal fortune of £10 million from her Spice Girls days, the royalties of which bring in £1.5 million a year, meaning there are still an awful lot of people out there playing her records.
She also designs a range of jeans for Rock & Republic worth £250,000 a year - bringing the family’s total worth to £87 million.
Jordan & Peter Andre £30m:

Pneumatic glamour model Katie Price, known as Jordan, has claimed she is nearly a billionaire. Like her other attributes, that was more than a little inflated, but she is an astute businesswoman.
Her first autobiography, Being Jordan, sold more than a million copies. Her second, A Whole New World, was the No1 hardback and made £2 million. This year, she published her first novel, Angel. Exposure in downmarket tabloids has increased following her appearance in I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! in 2004.

She and fellow contestant, singer Peter Andre, became a couple - dubbed Dosh and Pecs - and sold the rights to their spectacularly tacky September 2005 wedding to ITV and OK! magazine for £2 million. Even before the wedding, they’d banked £5 million from appearances, interviews and their ITV series, When Peter Met Jordan.
Their earnings have gone into overdrive. In May, Jordan signed a £2.8 million deal to design lingerie. A jewellery collection for Argos earned her £250,000 in its first year. Her 2007 calendar is expected to be a Christmas best-seller.

Homes include a £1 million East Sussex mansion and a £1.75 million Cyprus holiday home. Right now, Katie’s price is right. She’s earned at least £15 million, though little is yet apparent in her company, Jordan Trading, which showed £555,000 assets for 2004 to 2005.
Factoring in her growing world appeal and her assets, she’s worth £30 million - making her one of the richest women in Britain.
Charlotte Church & Gavin Henson £10m:

Thanks to a new album and her Channel 4 programme, The Charlotte Church Show, the 20-year-old has earned nearly £9 million.
Her autobiography, Voice Of An Angel, made her £800,000, while her company, Charlotte Church Ltd, had £3.3 million net assets in 2004 to 2005.
She shares a £750,000 five-bedroom house in Cardiff with Gavin. Though not in the same earnings league, he has earned his place as half of the Beckhams of the Valleys.

He gets £120,000 a year with the Ospreys rugby team and last year’s two-book publishing deal has made him £1.2 million. This fiery couple often row in public - maybe they’re arguing about what to spend their money on.
Ashley & Cheryl Cole £10m:

In footballing circles, only the Beckhams have had more coverage than Mr & Mrs Cashley Cole. The newlyweds earned £2 million from selling their wedding snaps to a celebrity magazine.

The move to Chelsea means Ashley is on £75,000 a week - £3.9 million a year. Add that to his £3 million Adidas boot deal, his autobiography, which was rumoured to have garnered him more than £1 million, and the rumours he will replace Beckham as the face of Gillette, and you’re looking at some serious wealth.

Cheryl earns £600,000 a year with her band Girls Aloud and signed a £1 million deal to front Coke Zero.
They live in a £1 million penthouse in North London. The next plan is a property empire, including a £3.5 million new home.
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