Monday, October 23, 2006

Prince Harry: Privates on Parade!

Top news story of the day in my opinion, comes from the Daily Star, which reports that Royal Prince Harry has been getting his privates out for the boys:

CHEEKY Prince Harry just loves getting his privates on parade around the barracks.

The hellraising Royal has earned a reputation for strutting around the officers quarters with just a tiny towel to cover up his crown jewels.

The prince is even known as "Dirty Harry" because he can't resist showing off at the shower block.

We can exclusively reveal that bad boy Harry isn't shy when it comes to giving pals an eyeful of the royal meat and two veg.

Our mole added: "He's definitely a ginger - all over."

Harry, 22, who joined the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals, has moved into Wellington Barracks, which overlook Buckingham Palace, after completing his Sandhurst training.

Sources say the third-in-line to the throne was keen to stamp his authority at his new macho lodgings. So cocky Harry started throwing his weight around when it came to shower time.

Our source says fellow officers find it cringeworthy that the prince is so brazen – some even give him wolf whistles as he cruises down the corridor.He's even been compared to the hunk in the Lynx bodyspray TV adverts.

And apparently his girlfriend Chelsy Davy, 21, loves his new antics.Our insider said: "The boys think it's hilarious to see Harry walking up and down the corridor. "He's very confident around the barracks."

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  1. YOU wouldn't happen to be the source would you?!

  2. Ha!If I had been the source the Daily Star may have reported a headline like this:

    "Postman's Royal Blow"

  3. LOL Prince Harry s quite hot and I love his self-confidence. It's a shame I'm in Mexico :P


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