Wednesday, November 01, 2006

robmacca "almost" robbed

While in London today for the Melanie C signing, I went to find out where I needed to catch my coach home as I'd never caught the MegaBus before. Some guy asked me for the time "4:01" I said as I looked at my mobile phone, then he said:
"Look I am desperate, so I'm going to make this easy for you and not hit you in the face or cause a scene - I want you to hand over your money".
This came as a bit of a shock, as Dido was gently playing in my ears and I'd not a care in the world. We were under some kind of building and it was a bit deserted, I looked behind me and he said:
"Don't think of running cos I will catch you up."
But it was too late, I was running off into the direction of the shopping centre where I knew people would be. Then I saw him walking in my direction, so I approached a security guard and reported what had just happened and pointed out the guy that was now walking away.
I wasn't too convinced about the security guard's ability but went on my way to Victoria coach station to be around people because it was another 2 hours before my MegaBus was leaving from the place where I almost got robbed. I then thought I could go to the pub for a drink as I didn't feel safe at the coach station, but who should I see walking around the coach station - the guy who tried to rob me (minus the outer jacket). Don't know if he saw me and I was almost going to go after him to take a picture on my phone, but my battery was virtually flat and wouldn't have taken a picture.
So I found a pub and asked the manager if I could charge up my mobile (thankfully I'd taken my charger with me!). Then waited until as late as possible to walk back to catch my coach. Well, I survived to live another day - but it goes to show you never know what will happen to you.


  1. OMG! that's really mean, I'm glad you were clever enough to work things out by running; I have never faced a situation like that but I know that if I had been in your shoes I would've given him the money (especially because I'm kinda stupid and shy)

  2. This is my second time now, but the first time the guy was more interested in trying to beat me up - so I made sure this time I didn't hang around to let him.

    I'm more angry today cos I'm poor and he was trying to rob my hard earnt money.

  3. Hey mate I know how you feel but something you've taught me is that life isn't always fair so please don't feel angry and smile :D, nothing bad happened and you're safe. (If you can take a pic please post it :P)

  4. i hate it when that happens.

    fuckers tried to pick-pocket me in prague (different i know as it isnt as violent); but it still made me so angry

  5. Ben you dummy - they were just trying to grope your bottom!

  6. I read your DD post about nearly being robbed and I finally replied about 2 days ago, I'm glad you're ok!!!!!!

    And glad that you met Victoria and Mel C lately, I'm so happy for you!!!!!!

    I love you!

  7. *hugs*

    Love you too Angie!

    Thanks for your lovely comments on DD and here.

    Hope life in Canada is going well and your enjoying life to the full.


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