Monday, October 02, 2006

Dawson's Creek Night

I might be a few years late but last night I finally got to watch the final 3 episodes ever of Dawson's Creek.
It was a good excuse to have a mini party - so we bought lots of "posh" crisps, popped some pizza's in the oven and cracked open the wine and cans of lager.

Without giving the storyline away, it was really sad and parts were quite unexpected. But after years of seeing this group of American's growing up and becoming adults, it was time to say goodbye to them.

It does make you think about life and the friendships that come along the journey we make............................


  1. Aww that's quite nice :) hehe all my mates grew up watching Dawson's Creek and well I think that I only saw it like once or twice and just because I was at a mate's house lol I'm not really inot all those telly programs :P

  2. Dawson's was great at the start but I kinda lost interest about season 3 but have only just finally watched season 5 and 6 - so now I'm all complete.

    Tis a feel good programme

  3. i was disappointed with how it ended...

    ...the show gave me many hours of enjoyment on sunday mornings when i was a teen; especially with Jack - woo!

  4. Jack wasn't popular in my house for a long time but that's a different story.


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