Tuesday, October 31, 2006

MySpace Bubble to Burst?

Is the MySpace.com bubble about to burst? It's been one of the most talked about sites of 2006, with just about everyone having an account. Music artists big and small use it to promote their material.
MySpace is moving to stop its users illegally uploading music content by introducing fingerprinting technology to the website.
The site will scan all uploaded music, check it against a database of rights holders and block any protected content.
Users who repeatedly try to upload content illegally will be barred from the site.
MySpace said the next step will be to look at filtering video content. During July, 1.5bn videos were watched on the site by 37.4m users.
YouTube could be the next net place to impose restrictions in a bid by music companies to stop us all enjoying music for free.


  1. I'm not suprised at this; I do have a myspace account but I've never uploaded it because it's almost impossible, whenever I try to sign in there's always an error and I remember that once I tried to upload music and well I didn't succeed so I gave up on myspace :P

  2. I've tried not doing MySpace, but had to open an account cos someone wanted me to see their video's.
    But I like Blogging cos it's more personal

  3. I agree with you; it's more personal and well in my opinion myspace isn't that nice when it comes to privacy

  4. I agree - plus I like to go against the most popular trend and keep myself as an individual, not a product of the mass popular market.


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