Saturday, October 07, 2006

Latest Solo Spice Girls Snaps

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes shop in Paris

Melanie C performing in Lisbon is snapped by a fan

Emma gets maximum points on "Strictly Come Dancing"

Melanie B goes blonde in America

Geri at the Breat Cancer Cares Fashion Show in London


  1. I think Emma and Geri look really gorgeous! btw I didn't know that Katie owned a shop in Paris.

  2. maybe it is just me, but i think emma is looking awful lately

  3. Emma has been restored to her former glory now.

    *The picture I was using had "gone" from the net so I had to find a new Emma photo.

  4. Charles - Katie doesn't have a shop in Paris, she was shopping and going to a fashion show.

  5. OHH ok, now I get it :P I read it too quickly + my brain isn't that clever :P. Thanks Robbie.

  6. I had to read up on it - I thought that perhaps she did have a shop in Paris I didn't know about!

    Least it got me to do some research!


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