Monday, October 09, 2006

Party Weekend

Another fantastic weekend has passed and the new working week begins once again.

Saturday night was the engagement party of Ted and Simone, and it was good to see the crew once again. As you can see from the picture above Linsey, Helen and Kelly all looking fabulous and in full party mood.

We were up for more and went to buy 6 bottles of wine then go to the Lithuanian house party, but when we got there the lads had gone to walk someone home. So the girls departed and went on to party at Linsey's with the wine and a trampoline!

I stayed, and once the lads returned, we were drinking vodka shots for the rest of the night. I had a stonking hangover on Sunday and was forced back into bed to try and recover! The evening was very pleasantly spent with my date and a cracking movie "Stay", ending the weekend with home delivery pizza...................


  1. It must've been an amzing weekend, I'm glad you had fun and I hope things are ok wiht your date.

  2. Saturday night was alot of fun - but I paid the price for drinking vodka on the Sunday. My head hadn't hurt so much in a long time!

    Sunday evening was very cosy, curled up on the sofa with great friends as well.



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