Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mel C: Spice Girls Reunion Unlikely

There might have been talk of a Spice Girls reunion, but Mel C says it's unlikely.
She told Radio 1: "I don't think it will happen.

"There's loads of kids in the mix now and the rest of the girls are all doing different things.
"We haven't really talked about getting together for ourselves.

"We've talked about getting together for charity events. Live8 would have been the perfect opportunity, but we couldn't get that together.

"So maybe a little one off somewhere, but not a full-scale arena tour

*From Daily Record website.


  1. That's really odd in my opinion, I think in the end they'll get together and release a GH album. Maybe they're trying to get the media attention once again.

  2. even a one-off would be bliss!

  3. I'm holding out for a one-off charity concert as well Ben.

    Pity it didn't work out for Live8, but who knows what will happen, maybe as Charles say's a Greatest Hits could be on the cards..............

  4. It would ruin their legacy, so no.

  5. I partly agree, and the longer they leave it the fonder the memories will become.
    I think they will be like ABBA - always being asked to reform but never getting around to it.....

    *Thanks for your comments by the way!


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