Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mel B and Eddie Murphy Latest Stories.........

It seems the media have gone Eddie Murphy / Mel B crazy today with various stories about the couple not only planning on getting married in the next few weeks but that Melanie B is expecting Eddie Murphy's baby. Apparently Melanie is already four months pregnant and conceived not long after the couple started dating in July.

Rumours have it that Melanie could give birth to twins, as this runs in Eddie Murphy's family but she is overjoyed with the news and this was the reason she was in the UK recently - to tell her family!

The wedding stories are flying in thick and fast as news of Murphy's divorce became final in April. The couple are becoming headlines more and more in recent weeks after spending a summer holiday together with both sets of children. Other rumours are both Eddie and Mel B have had each others names tattooed on their bodies.

Watch this space for more news as it breaks..................................


  1. they're becoming the new posh & becks with all the media coverage they're getting at the moment

  2. Who'd have thought hey?

    Well - with Melanie and Eddie in America, Posh n Becks US involvement and the possible Emma Bunton future visit - we could see a Spice Girls reunion US style!

  3. I think that would be really nice, but the media is going too far with this. It might be only a rumour but well I really hope it happens because they're a cute couple and as Rob said we could see a Spice Girls reunion which would be amazing!


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