Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hate That Frog Game

Bored Website
Thanks to the guys at you can now shoot that Crazy Frog and see how far you can get him to either fly or smash and crash along the floor.
Tip: You need to shoot him before he hits the floor.
My hightest score (after quite a while) was 90.


  1. Oh, I hate this frog :o]
    Scored 91,5 after some practise

  2. Well done you lazy student. I'll have to try and beat my frog up now!

  3. Just scored 91.5 as well - but its taken me a few days!

  4. Damn! I'm gonna have to shoot that horrid frog some more......

    Not sure I can beat 92.2 but I'll try.

    Well done Evaldas!


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