Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lemonheads @ Colly,Coventry

The Lemonheads entertain the crowds at the Colly.

Evan Dando close up and personal.

Evan Dando playing new tunes and old classics with The Lemonheads.

The Lemonheads entertained several hundred at Coventry's Colosseum Club last night with Evan Dando losing none of his talent as frontman to this 90's band. The group have just released their album "The Lemonheads" (first since 1998 "Best of" album) and are touring the UK to promote it.

I was there with along with six of my mates and we were pretty tipsy even before we got to the Colly, but the night was worth it. Anna dragged me to the front, so we got a great view. My other pictures are a bit blurred - but I blame all the alcohol.

It was good to finally see The Lemonheads perform live as they were one of the first groups I bought on cassette form in 1993.


  1. I've never heard about The Lemonheads but they seem to be a cool band and I think their name is really cool and original as well as the logo. They must've been an amzing band in the 90's.

  2. hey robbie, finally figured how to work this thing!!! had a great night, my head hurts though!
    see you soon, much love jayne

  3. I had a hang over when I first woke up but it went pretty quickly.
    I just stayed in bed for a few hours cos I was all snug and warm.

    I must have been pretty drunk last night cos I woke up with a Pot Noodle at the side of the bed, I must have made it, got into bed then fell asleep straight away.... hahahaha.

    Well done on working out the comments thingy Jayne - feel free to write stuff.


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