Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Human League Videos Godiva Festival, Coventry

The Human League proved exactly why they have stood the test of time since their first Top 40 hit back in 1981 by wooing the people of Coventry at the Godiva Festival on a wet Friday evening. Phil Oakey provided the energy and the vocal ability to entertain several thousand, while the rest of the band provided the electrifying sounds and vocals that were both a credit to the Human League and to the organisers of the Godiva Festival.
Below are a selection of videos from the night, sadly the sound quality doesn't do them justice but have a peek and see why the Human League are still legends today.........

"Mirror Man"



"Don't You Want Me"

The Human League performing during an encore at Coventry's Godiva Festival. This one was recorded in black and white and although the sound quality is poor, the lights looked good.

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  1. they started their career b4 I was born and they're still alive, that's outstanding, I think "Human Leage" is a cool name.


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