Friday, July 27, 2007

Spice Girls: Extra Tour Dates Added

Not only do we get another stunning new Spice Girls picture(as seen below) but now we have EXTRA tour dates.

Following on from the blog topic earlier this week, that allows fans to "Spice Up Your City" - the fab five have added more dates to the growing world tour as demand has now exceeded 3 million ticket requests worldwide. The new dates are:

December 2nd - Vancouver, Canada

December 4th - San Jose, USA

January 8th and 10th - Beijing and Shanghai, China

The rest of the tour dates were posted HERE and you can expect robmacca keep you updated as new dates are added of course!


  1. It's great that they've added a date in Canada, it was obvious they had to go there. I still feel a bit bad 'cos Mexico might noe get a date.

  2. I reckon that picture is 5 individual photographs photoshopped together.

  3. I think it looks more like a fan did this picture than an official new release, but then I guess it's pretty hard trying to get all five in one place.............


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