Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Celebrity News

Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) continued to show off her new man Stephen Belafonte as they attended the Beckham's "Welcome To America" party this weekend.

The couple managed to keep all their private parts in the right places after Melanie revealed last week that her new man Stephen has got a big one!

It looked like Mel could make a boob of herself at any moment but was spared any Janet Jackson style wardrobe malfunction during the party.

Melanie has been busy in the media headlines already this week as this picture shows her just after a lunch time meeting with her lawyer.

Mel B has hired top celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred in a bid to take funny man Eddie Murphy to court over new born daughter Angel Iris.

So far Eddie has failed to even see his three month old daughter after sensationally dumping Melanie on TV late last year. The Spice Girl is now proving she has Girl Power and is determined Murphy should pay his dues.

As mentioned earlier, the Beckham's were honoured with a "Welcome To America" party this weekend. The party was hosted by Tom Cruise and Will Smith and was an A list celebrity event with such guests as Rihanna, Jim Carrey and Friends actor Matthew Perry.

There were the usual media frenzy and it will ensure David and Victoria Beckham continue to climb the American celebrity ladder over the coming months. David Beckham can be seen on ITV tonight (Tuesday 24th) at 9pm. Hopefully the critics will be kinder to David than they were to Victoria. Her show last week pulled in 3.5 million viewers but was heavily panned.

Girls Aloud proved they are still the hottest girl group around at the moment with a stunning performance at T4 On The Beach.

As the picture shows - the girls have got what it takes by bringing a little sunshine to the 30,000 to an otherwise washed out UK summer.

They are back with a new single "Sexy No! No! No!" on the 3rd September.

Last bit of celebrity news, the winner of "Britain's Got Talent" Paul Potts, has knocked of The Enemy from the #1 position in the album charts - by out selling the Top 10 combined. The reality show winner sold a whopping 120,000 copies.

According to the Daily Mirror, The Enemy frontman Tom Clarke, 19, had mocked the former mobile phone salesman, fuming: "It's a f***ing disgrace. Nobody will know who this bloke is in a year's time."

The Daily Mirror are doing a Poll as to who you think will last longer - Paul Potts or The Enemy.
I think you can guess who I voted for but cast your own vote HERE.


  1. David's arse looks a bit saggy in those pants!!!

  2. LOL Leone I thought exactly the same!

    Mel B looks nice in that pink dress.


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