Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Enemy Videos, Godiva Festival, Coventry

The Enemy videos below prove why Coventry's music scene is alive and bursting with talent. Performing at the Godiva Festival in front of their home crowd for free, this was a night Coventry would not forget why "We'll Live And Die In These Towns".

The following videos were captured inside the Electric Tent on Saturday evening, several thousand were inside and many more were outside, having to view from afar as "Enemymania" came home. There had been a real buzz throughout the city all week and the atmosphere inside the tent lived up to it's name - electric. At moments it felt like a football match, while at other times it felt like a massive street party celebrating the return of Coventry's finest act.

If you had ventured along with your family expecting a "nice" concert then you would have been in for a surprise, because "nice" and "quiet" are not words you can associate with The Enemy gigs. Instead what you get is an energy from the band that bounces into the crowd, producing such a vibe with the crowd chanting, dancing and responding positively to each song. While lager may have been flying through the air and people were hanging from the tent structure, the vast majority of people stood in solid support for The Enemy. It was a night many in Coventry would remember as the best Godiva Festival ever!

This video shows the excitement the crowds were feeling just before The Enemy came on to perform in front of their home crowd at Coventry's Godiva Festival. As The Specials song played over the speakers and Cov chants rang through the Electric Tent, Coventry was celebrating the arrival of The Enemy.

Tom Clarke encourages the crowd to enjoy the Godiva Festival even though those living around the park moan each year and everyone sings along to "Away From Here". This video captures the crowds as they party along and join in, it was also at this point that people began climbing the tent structure.

As The Enemy perform "Fear Killed The Youth Of The Nation", several lads in the crowd climb the Electric tent support beams!

"Had Enough" gets the crowd reaction, lots of Cov chanting at the start and hand clapping throughout. Everyone is jumping around like crazy to this track!

"Pressure" and yes, the crowds are loving it!

"Technodanceaphobic" gets the Cov crowd dancing.

Tom Clarke encourages the crowd to show a bit of "Aggro" and the crowd respond. Lots of jumping around, crowd surfing and a woman climbs the tent support post!

Lots of people climbing up the Electric tent support beams as The Enemy perform "It's Not OK".

More of The Enemy and the crowds at Coventry's Godiva Festival.

More to follow............


  1. A very bad impression of The Jam early days!

  2. But very impressive nevertheless!

    The Jam are legends and its refeshing to see a band like The Enemy being something raw back to the music world.


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