Friday, July 13, 2007

Beckham Arrive In L.A.

"Brand Beckham" arrive in America today as David Beckham and wife, Victoria touched down in Los Angeles to the waiting media and fans who had to be held back to get a glimpse of the hottest couple to hit town since the last heatwave.

David Beckham starts his new job at LA Galaxy football club and will be hoping to raise the profile of the sport to ordinary Americans. There will be a formal ceremony later today to mark his arrive at the club.

The BBC website will have more of the latest pictures and you can watch Victoria Beckham's American TV interview here and expect a lot more TV appearances over the coming months. Posh Spice can also be seen on UK TV next week, as reported on this blog earlier.

Many have questioned whether "Brand Beckham" would work state side, but as these BBC/AP pictures show - they are in a good position to bring the glitz football and America needs and wants.

1 comment:

  1. It's good that tey have a lot of press on their back.. lol now they should visit Mexico ! :P


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