Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Celebrity Gossip

Apparently, Lily Allen loves to watch Paris Hilton in The Simple Life. Although previously a critic of Ms Hilton saying her life was "insane" and thought her move into music was a bad thing. The UK singer couldn't resist watching Paris Hilton in The Simple Life saying: "I think Paris is amazing. I mean, she's hideous, but I think she's amazing at the same time. I love her," Lily revealed. "I think The Simple Life is genius. I can never figure out if she plays up to it or not." The Sun newspaper reported that Lily also had another dig at Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole claiming that "All she does is sing songs that aren't even hers".

Victoria Beckham is about to hit our screens in the UK next week as ITV have paid £250,000 for NBC's "Coming To America", the much publicised fly on the wall programme featuring Posh Spice as she tries to find a place to live. It will be shown next Tuesday on ITV.

But don't expect to see Victoria Beckham in any movies just yet, she says she "wasn't that good" when she made Spice World and is not looking to make a career making movies while she is living in LA. But David Beckham and Victoria could be in the hit UK comedy "Extras" for the very last show this Christmas- they will have a cameo role mocking themselves!

Meanwhile "David Beckhams Soccer USA" will also show exclusive live coverage of his matches in the US. The series starts on Wednesday July 25 at 7.15pm on Channel 5 and will follow Becks and his family as they adapt to a very different life in North America both on and off the field. Channel Five will have exclusive access to the Beckhams and hear first-hand what the former England captain thinks of his new life.

Daniel Radcliffe grabbed the headlines for taking his kit off for a play earlier this year (as reported here previously) but the Harry Potter star has also revealed he's glad there will not be a "Harry Potter 8" saying he must be:
"the only kid in the world who doesn't want an eighth Harry Potter book".
Daniel is looking forward to trying out new roles in acting and on stage but thinks the on stage nudity in Equus was very much over hyped by the media.

The Enemy look set to grab their first #1 position this coming Sunday in the UK album charts with their debut album release "We'll Live And Die In These Towns". The latest sales figures have The Enemy straight in at #1 ahead of Interpol’s "Our Love To Admire", although other new entries Smashing Pumpkins’ "Zeitgeist" and Cherry Ghosts’ "Thirst For Romance" are in a close battle for third and fourth at the moment.Just 700 copies are separating those two bands. The Enemy's "Had Enough" single is currently still in the Top 30.

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  1. Ah loads of news today, I'm quite pleased to read about the Becks telly promotion.. I really wished I could watch something over here but it's not likely to happen :(

    Good news about The Enemy !! .. Coventry lads are so clever ;)


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