Monday, July 16, 2007

Godiva Festival - The Ripps, Pictures and Videos

Patch and Raul jamming at the Godiva Festival

Patch and Rachel giving it some welly

The crowds show their love for all things Ripps

The Ripps were on top form at Coventry's "Godiva Festival" on Saturday, here are a few of the videos from their fresh performance from the Electric Tent. The home crowd loved the set and gave it their full support, with an active mosh pit and solid participation from the audience. Below is the "exclusive" first public performance of a new song The Ripps have been working on and although the band may have been over shadowed by Enemymania, let it not be forgotten The Ripps are a force all of their own and bring something very special to the music scene.

The Ripps "You Don't Even Care", this video captures the crowd in full flow as they jump around to this fast paced track.

The Ripps "Nice Guys", a non album track but one which produces enough energy from band and crowd to light up the whole of Britain!

Patch had just been talking about "Godiva Day" for the ladies (say no more!) before going into the "COV Song", a very fitting tribute to life in Coventry. The crowd are totally up for it, which isn't bad for 14:30 on a Saturday afternoon.

A totally new song by The Ripps not seen before and an exclusive for the Godiva Festival. The crowds showed their approval with some impressive clapping and moshing!

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